Monday, February 1, 2016

Mi Gente Zumba® Fitness Video

We've got a fun, new song we're playing around with in class this week. My friends and I choreographed this song together and we wanted to share it with you. "Mi Gente" translates to "my people" and it's so catchy and fun. I haven't seen anyone in class not bust out smiling during this song. You can really bounce around during this song or you can keep it low impact and step through the choreo. Stay in your comfort zone and keep it at your own level.

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel {HERE}, you will get an email when a new video is uploaded if you're working out with me at home.

I also wanted to share some really exciting news from my Zumba® fitness class with you! If you are local and can attend my classes, I urge you to jump in with me. Here's why....
The results are in.... I have added up the first month of measurements and weigh in results for our Bayside Zumba® fitness ladies!
As a GROUP, we lost 19.55 pounds! We also lost 61.75 inches!!!! That's only 13 ladies checking back in so far.
Are you ready to see results like my fabulous friends?
If you will just give me a month, I will help you transform your bodies. We are taking baby steps and you are going to see changes. It takes 4 weeks for you to see those changes. It takes 8 weeks for your friends and family to see the changes.
You can email me at and I can get you my class information.

If you aren't local, you can still use the videos I'm uploading at home to workout with me. I am going to keep adding to them. My friends are just as pumped up and crazy about doing them as I am so be looking for new ones! Go ahead and subscribe to the YouTube channel, for real. Click right {HERE}! 

If you like our video and want to help us out, please help us spread the word! Share our video, guys. Facebook it, tweet it, Google+ that stuff, Pin It, whatever it is you do, can you just take one extra second to help us out? Thank you so much!!! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


We've welcomed a fourth member of our family. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know we gave Caleb a blue tick hound. He has wanted a puppy for a few years and has worked hard to earn one. Ryan and I feel like a little boy needs a dog and Caleb sure has earned one! You can see how we surprised him {HERE}.

She is the sweetest thing and someone has been working with her already. She's almost housebroken and is almost 9 weeks old. Her mom was a full blue tick and her dad was a coon hound. Caleb wants to train her to hunt and we have plenty of people to help us train her.

My husband and I debated over a puppy for months. We knew that we wanted Caleb to have one, but we we waiting. I'd show him several and he dismissed them or the timing just didn't feel right. We had a million reasons to wait. On Sunday afternoon we were watching Peyton Manning play football and Caleb was napping. I scrolled through Facebook and noticed someone rehoming a pup. She was exactly like the Tennessee Vols mascot and I showed her to Ryan. He said, "I'm going to get her. I want her!" I told him if she came here her name would be Smokey. When he picked her up the ladies had already named her Smokey. 

Caleb was so thankful! This sweet girl has been glued to him since she came home. 

I think they're going to be great friends and I am so happy for our little boy. I am just so thankful we found the right puppy to bring home and that they are so a sweet match.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crockpot 15 Bean Soup

I'm dropping by for a quick and easy crockpot recipe! We have snow-less snow days and my little one is home with me. It is chilly here and we were really looking forward to playing in the snow together. Big disappointment!

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Hearty 15 bean soup made from scratch is the perfect home cooked meal for an icy, messy day. Our weather here is so ugly. My husband is stuck out in the cold so I made sure he came home to a healthy, warm dinner. You can find the dried beans at the store. Some label them as 15 or 16 bean soup. I throw out the ham flavor packet and just season myself. 

I soaked my beans overnight. I then rinsed them this morning, put them in my crockpot, covered them with 8 cups of water (or you can use organic broth), added 6 diced tomatoes and their juices, one smoked turkey sausage, one cup of diced ham (we had some frozen from a hog we had slaughtered), and one pound of ground venison (you can use turkey) with one diced onion. Cook on low all day in the crockpot! You can add some salt, garlic powder and sage for flavor too! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I suppose some people are curious lately about how I always seem to be on the go. I guess social media is a funny thing. People tend to forget that you only see the things I allow you to see. That's what makes it kinda unfair a lot of the times.

On Instagram Saturday one of my followers wrote that I have a great life. I admit one hundred percent that I do. I am blessed with a wonderful life and I am so thankful for everything and everyone in it. But please do not mistake my positive social media posts to mean that my life is all sunshine and butterflies. I struggle, I have people who hurt me, and I am sure I hurt feelings too. I don't always make the right decisions, but I do try. I sin and I fall short, but I love Jesus with my whole heart.

One thing that bothers me lately is that some people in real life are judging me personally based on the social media posts connected to my blog. My blog is my hobby. It's my passion and my downtime. It's what I do in my free time to unwind when my husband watches dude TV. It's how I help others. I feel like God uses me to inspire others to lead healthier, happier lives. If I am already planning out dinners for the week and I shoot a few pictures of what I'm doing so I can teach you how to do it too, it's no biggie. I've gotta eat and I might as well show you what works for me too. It doesn't take a whole lot of extra effort for me to help a bunch of other people.

My Zumba® classes are another area that is being judged harshly by people in my life. I would honestly weigh 200+ pounds if I was not working out two times a week right now. I'm already going to be there, what difference does it make than to let God use me to teach the class? I spent six months avoiding God leading me to teach Zumba® anyways. Guess what? It did not work out very well. Since I'm going to work out anyways, why not teach the class? For two hours out of the whole week I get to experience peace and joy in class. I connect with amazing Christian women who have mentored to me and prayed with me week after week. How can anyone disagree with that?

Our weekends are our family time. I spend Saturdays with my favorite guys. What most people don't understand is that both my husband and my son are ADHD. Our idea of relaxing is never sitting still all day. We are never going to be that family that sits in front of the TV all day long. My husband and I are wired the same. We have a lot of ambition, we like accomplishing things, and we love improving stuff. When we have nothing going on, we feel uninspired and bored. My brain literally feels like it is going 100 MPH and it never shuts off. I have so many ideas and thoughts all of the time. To make me sit still and do nothing is almost torture. My mind is constantly generating ideas and thoughts.

Just because I write about healthy living and working out does not mean that I am an extremist. We have treats and we do things in moderation. I believe in moderation in all aspects of life. I am just as real as you are!

My heart wants to help anyone I can live better and actually pull this off. If I tell you never to eat another doughnut again, you're going to call me a hypocrite. I'm just as real as you are, but I am here to tell you not to eat them every day if you want to lose weight.  

Just because someone looks like they have it all together on Instagram, Facebook or a blog doesn't mean they aren't real. It doesn't mean they don't struggle or it doesn't hurt their feelings when you judge what they are passionate about. What you don't see on all of my social media is that I love to read in my downtime, I enjoy photography, I write all the time, I listen to all kinds of music, I dance everywhere, I love to research and organize everything, I love to clean to relax, I soak in the tub a lot, and I am a Pinterest addict. These are things social media cannot decode about me. And I am only about half as busy as I look thanks to some very wonderful prescheduled posts and apps! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Z-People

This week has been pretty full. I'm working on some new posts for all of you and putting big projects together just takes some extra time. I admit that my brain has kicked into gear this year and I am filled with so much that I want to try. I want to focus on helping you. I want to help you reach goals, teach you how I do what I do, and show you a bunch of new things all while I'm tackling things along the way.

I'm still putting a few more things in order first. Monday morning found me slammed with a migraine. Once I'm in a migraine cycle I pretty much ride it out until it runs its course or I seek medical care. I still carry on with my life and I function, but unless you are close to me you never see my struggles. My neurologist is adjusting my medication next week and hopefully we can see a change. I am so ready!

I also try to manage things naturally. I want to discuss some of those things in a post, but I will share something that you'll automatically notice in pictures. I cut my hair! I have a bad habit of putting it up constantly. I think it puts pressure right where some of my migraines originate. It's a theory and I'm trying it. You might ask why I didn't just wear it down....

Last year I was misdiagnosed for months. I went through experimental treatments for something I didn't even have. Those medications took a toll on my body and also on my hair. We decided to start fresh and cut out all of the damaged parts. I don't mind having shorter hair at all and it feels so much better already. 

The Zumba® crew at Bayside is continuing to grow! I love seeing ladies come pouring into the room each night and I keep thinking it's so amazing they want to come workout with us. I can remember my first times teaching. It was such a train wreck. I was shy, I forgot my steps, and I stumbled around. I looked up and many of them gave me uncomfortable pity smiles to encourage me. Class numbers declined for a long time and I was so discouraged. Several class regulars stopped coming and I just knew it was because of my teaching style. It hurt my feelings deeply. 

I didn't give up and I hung in there. Over time we changed the way class was structured and made it what we wanted it to be. Instead of being serious, we laughed off the stumbles and shyness. Some of the original ladies didn't come back, but I have a bunch of new friends that have swooped in and become some of my closest, sweetest friends! Everyone is asking me what we're doing different now, but I keep telling them it's not me.... it's the group of women that walk through those doors every week. They have beautiful hearts and they are amazing people!

My greatest desire is that the new ladies get to know us and understand that we know what it's like to struggle through this too. Me most of all. I have stood where they've been. I have stumbled more than anyone, but I pick myself back up and do it all over again. I know what it feels like to be embarrassed, awkward, disappointed, hurt, and sad. But I also know what it's like to feel excitement, joy, strength, hope, and the most amazing adrenaline rush that washes over you when you walk out of a class surrounded by your best friends after you nailed that choreo! I really want to shout all of that at them but then they'd know I'm crazy and they might not come back. I really want them to come back. I think I like them already, y'all!


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