Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivation Monday #linkup: Mile 25

Welcome back to another Motivation Monday link up! 

As I get closer to the end of my weight loss efforts, it's sometimes difficult to remember how much progress I am still making. Sure, it's easy to compare now to the very beginning. That's always guaranteed to be drastic and motivating. Sometimes I lose track of the progress just in the last year. 

My dad and I attended our annual NRA banquet this weekend and it's always hosted around the same time each year. So that makes it pretty easy to compare my progress....

This week I bought a size six dress. It actually ended up being a little loose on top and I was left wondering if maybe a four would have been a little better. 

Last year at the NRA banquet, I wore a size medium shirt and a pair of size 12 pants. 

So in just one year of clean eating and Zumba® classes, I have gone from a comfortable size 12 to a very comfortable size 6 (some size 4's)! 

Losing a large amount of weight is kinda like running a marathon. It takes time and lots of dedication. Some days you're going to get this amazing runners high from pushing yourself a little bit farther. Other days, you're going to feel like you aren't improving. There are going to be days you just want to sprint to the finish, but you know building slowly will get you much better results. I'm in the last mile of my marathon and sometimes it's okay to look back and remember I'm still better than I was at mile 11, 15, or even 20. 

How's your progress this week? Link it up!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Picture Night

Friday night was designated family picture night. Do you know how difficult it is to get an almost five year old little boy to cooperate? It's a wonder we got a single decent picture of my child smiling. 

I think my husband has some beautiful children, but then again I'm probably a little biased on that one. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Zumba® Fitness Calorie Burn

I get a lot of questions about my Zumba® Fitness calorie burn. So many people have asked how many calories I'm burning during my Zumba® classes. I use my Polar FT4 to track my workouts, calories, and heart rate. 

After the first hour, I had a total of 656 calories. 

I kept going for a second hour and had a total of 1295 calories. 

I posted these to Facebook after my workout and someone was curious about how I am able to burn this many calories. 

How I increase my Zumba® Fitness calorie burn:

  1. I am a very high energy person. I'm one of those annoyingly bouncy, let's get going, pumped up kinda people. 
  2. I always choose the high energy option for each song. 
  3. Big, full movements. The bigger I move, the more I burn. 
  4. I use my arms. Anything shoulder level or above is elevating my calorie burn. So....lift those arms up!
  5. I build muscle throughout the week. Muscle burns more calories, so when I engage those muscles I am burning more. 
  6. I love the music and it gets me motivated to push harder. 
  7. Go all out. Push harder a little bit every week and it will eventually build. Sure, it's tough but it is worth it. 
  8. Move between the songs. When the music changes, don't stop moving! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Playing Around

This week we had dinner with Ryan's grandfather. This always gives the kids plenty of time to run loose outside. I took advantage of the opportunity and broke out my camera. This summer I've relied on my iPhone for all of our pictures and it's really a shame I've gotten out of the habit of carrying my camera. 

After playing around with it last night, I'm definitely bringing it along more often.

These three are inseparable this summer. The boys are normally plotting something and Madison is quietly watching over them.

 My husband has three gorgeous children. Not only are they beautiful, they have sweet little hearts too. 

As we played, I looked out and saw an amazing sky. It was so peaceful. 

This little guy steals my heart every single day. I can't even begin to describe how precious he is to me. From his smile to the bruises all over his little legs from being all boy, he has this certain charm about him. 

The three of them playing together? 
It never gets old for me. 
I love watching them.

Coming home last night, we passed the lake. We were almost to the marina and saw an amazing sunset. 

We had this simple, ordinary summer night but somewhere along the way we discovered the beauty in three kids playing around, an old barn, and a big open sky. It's night like these that make you appreciate all that you've been blessed with in life. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Four Wheelin'

Last week, Ryan and I were given a small four wheeler for Caleb. That child has been begging for a "real" four wheeler for over a year. We've always had plans to get him one, but we were waiting for Christmas or his birthday. 

One of our friends gave us this 50cc four wheeler and Caleb was so excited! My dad, my brother, and my husband are motorcycle/four wheeler fanatics. In all honesty, they make me nervous. I also know that Caleb's love of motorized toys is inevitable. I've always known it was just a matter of time before he had one. 

After cleaning the carb and messing with it a bit, Ryan got it running! 

(I'm not really sure who the bigger kid is at this point....)

There's a small screw that turns the four wheeler down really low. We can adjust the speed so that we can even walk beside it as he rides. And yes, he has a helmet that he has to wear. We took it off for the sake of some pictures! 

Ryan took the screw out so I could try it out. That thing actually flies! 

I can remember the very last time I was on a four wheeler. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and my brother decided to go riding on some trails. I rode with Ryan, but I made him promise not to flip me before I ever climbed on. Not more than thirty minutes into it, we were all riding through mud and I got flipped. My brother launches off his four wheeler, grabs me out from under the four wheeler and held me up to make sure I was okay.

And that is when I refused to ride on anything motorized with my husband again.... 

He wonders why I won't ride a motorcycle with him....Seriously.

I'm sure Caleb is absolutely going to love this! In the meantime, this overprotective mama is totally making him take it slow! 

And yes, we can both fit on this thing comfortably! 


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