Saturday, April 19, 2014

Earth Footwear Butterfly Flats

Earth Footwear sent me a pair of their gorgeous shoes to review. They sent me a pair of flats from their Spring Collection! The camel color Butterfly flats are just too cute! 

These shoes are just beyond comfortable! 
There are some days I would love to wear cute flats to work, but I'm on my feet a lot. A normal pair of flats just kills my feet by the end of the day. These are completely different. They are extra padded and the leather lining doesn't leave blisters on my heels. 
These flats are suede and neutral enough to go with just about anything. 
They offer other colors that are so pretty! 

I fell in love with several other styles from their Spring Collection. I have such a tough time finding comfortable, stylish shoes. Most days I'm comfy in my running shoes and yoga pants. When I'm not wearing my workout clothes, I want shoes that don't kill my feet. It's tough searching for pretty shoes that go with jeans or a cute dress. The best thing about Earth Footwear is every single shoe is actually comfortable! From flats to heels (and even cute boots), Earth Footwear has you covered. 

Earth features a cushioned footbed for all day wear. The padded heel helps distribute the weight of each step and it helps prevent my lower back from hurting throughout the day. These beautiful shoes have plenty of arch support and a leather sock lining. 

(This is going to sound completely gross, but you can walk around in them all day without worrying about sweaty feet and odor!)

These shoes are low maintenance too. I worried that they would be tough to keep clean, but that's not the case at all. 

Make Every Day, an Earth Footwear Day! 

A modern collection of smartly styled casual footwear, made for real women’s real lives. Earth®
 footwear combines contemporary styling with uncompromised comfort to create a collection that brings a refreshing new twist to footwear—letting women look and feel their best when they’re on the move. 

Earth. Walk Your World. 

Most of their shoes are very affordable and go for under $100! No more overpriced, uncomfortable shoes!!!! 

 You can sign up for the Earth Footwear newsletter here for upcoming information and new styles. 

***Every person who signs up is automatically entered into a monthly shoe giveaway!!!! Yes, I said FREE shoes!!!!!

Find them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, check out their Pinterest, or find them on Instagram!

I received a pair of Fauna Earth Footwear shoes to review, but was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are mine.


I was hoping to make this one little goal by the day I turned 30. It totally didn't happen on my birthday....

But honestly who really cares as long as I actually made it, right? 

I have literally had a BMI in the overweight category (or above) for over half my life. 

I am thrilled to tell you that it stopped yesterday. 

I'm officially, one hundred percent in the "normal" weight range for my height! 

In other words.....that puts my weight (finally) in the 140's. Oh, my goodness, y'all! I cannot describe the joy of typing that out here! 

I honestly never thought I would see 140-anything for the rest of my life. I have not been in the 140's since getting my learner's permit at 15. Long ago, I kinda accepted the fact that my body just wouldn't be there again. Now I'm discovering I can reach goals I never even knew I might have. 

I woke my husband up early yesterday morning squealing! Then I looked down at my body and realized something.... I'm getting close to stopping. I really wanted to see 100 pounds gone, but I don't think it's going to look right on me. I carry my weight extremely well, so 17.5 more pounds may be pushing a little too far. 

I would absolutely love to see the 130's, but it may take forever to get there. Even though they're smaller, I kinda like the curves I have now. I can see maybe toning up two areas and that's it. 

I've had three family members approach me in the last two months about my weight loss. They are getting concerned about me continuing to lose weight. I can understand where they're coming from. None of them have seen me at this weight as an adult. They are used to me being as a bigger girl. I've had the word "anorexic" thrown out there now. 

I'm not anorexic. I am barely in a normal range for my height. No, you cannot count my ribs. But you can see my hips bones. I still have my post-baby "pooch". It's getting a heck of a lot smaller, but there's still a little bit there. No, I am not comfortable with it. I evicted that child four and a half years ago. Wishing I could maybe evict the pooch as well. Ha! 

No, I don't starve myself. I eat....and I actually eat the things I want. I tend to lose weight better if I eat clean. But sometimes Mexican food is clearly calling my name. Actually, I don't think anorexic people go within a 20 mile radius of the Mexican places.... 

Image Via is a day of celebration! I hit the 140's and got "normal" (Ha!!!!) while still living my life! And I'm learning to accept me for me. I've got stretch marks from Caleb....and a little pooch.....but I'm totally, one hundred percent me. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mind Games

I have chubby girl insecurities.


I've said it. 

I read that sometimes it can take years for our minds to catch up with what we see in the mirror. I guess that kinda goes both ways. I was in serious denial when I was bigger. I kept thinking, "It's not that bad. I'm just a little overweight." 

Now I find myself stuck sometimes. There are days I still see myself as 232-ish pounds. I know deep down that it isn't real, but I still find myself questioning things. 

It happens in a dressing room most often. Or maybe trying on a swimsuit for the first time each summer season. That creeping feeling that comes with not feeling like we measure up. Let's face it: There's always going to be someone prettier, skinnier, more athletic, or whatever. That's just life. 

I'm my worst critic. I always have been and there's no amount of weight loss that can really change that. This journey has really been a mental game for me. That's most of the battle. It isn't eating clean, counting calories, or moving my butt. 

It's finding the determination each and every day to chose to live healthy, to accept that I can control this, to challenge myself to do better each and every day. It's learning to accept me for me. It's not worrying about where I once was, what others think of my lifestyle now, or if I mess up and have that pizza I've really been craving. It's learning to not compare yourself to anyone else. You never know their journey... 

It's all in my head. 

I'm learning that I can love where I am right here and now. I'm learning that it's okay to have a cheat meal as long as I jump back on track. I'm learning that everyone has flaws, some are so much better at covering it! 

Perfection does not exist. It never will. Even models are photoshopped. 

I'm just ready for my brain to catch up with what I see now. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Complete Joy

In real life, I get super emotional over things. My dad laughs at it and aggravates me about it sometimes, but it's just me. I get really sentimental over things....

Caleb has been begging me to take the training wheels off of his bicycle. I wondered over and over again if he was ready. Four and a half seems really young to me, but my kid is persistent.

I remember being about 5 when I learned and crashing my bike is one of my earliest memories. My dad taught me how to ride a bike. The moment he turned away to talk to a neighbor, I crash... Big skinned up forehead (because when I was 5, helmets weren't the going thing) and an injured pinkie finger. I was absolutely terrified to climb back on! Imagine me drama queening it up and bawling my eyes out....

As a mom, I am terrified of my precious child getting hurt. Then I remember he is a wild, rambunctious little boy and I simply have to get over it.

In all honesty, Caleb is pretty dang amazing. We worked for about 10 minutes and ended up with this:

I mean seriously.... He's so athletic it puts me to shame! 

I was over the moon ecstatic! It's almost like he knew exactly what to do and I didn't have to try hard. I was squealing in the front yard because I got to teach my little boy how to ride a bike. 

Then the emotions set in.....

I ran beside my little boy in the front yard.... I got to teach him to ride his bike.... I struggled so long with sitting on the sidelines of my little boy's life when I was too obese to do much with him. It wasn't my athletic husband running through the yard beside him during this huge kid milestone. No, it was his mama. (I cry typing this out....) It was me. 

I made a memory with my child just like my dad did with me. I had the energy to keep up and actually help him over and over. Even though the neighbors may think I am nuts (which I totally am), I celebrated for so many reasons in that front yard. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Faking

I got this crazy email.... I've been thinking about it this week and wondering the best way to approach it. I'm all for the most honest approach any day. 

I've always been real here. What you see is pretty much what you get. I share my post-chubby girl insecurities, the days that I feel absolutely amazing, and all the little things in between. 

I think the most difficult part of sharing my life with all of you is writing the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's there for everyone to see. But I want to stay authentic to you and to myself. It would be an absolute lie if I didn't show you how my weight gain and loss have both influenced the pieces of my life. 

I received an email last week from a person who is absolutely convinced I have photoshopped my pictures. (If that were true, I would have probably made myself look ten times better!) 

For those of you who have been here a while, you have seen the changes over time. If you were here before I even began my weight loss journey, you will know how big I was. 

(I also take a lot of iPhone pics. I'm not even sure you can actually doctor those babies.) 

If you're new here, I can promise the weight loss is for real. You can look back in the archives of this blog. You can see the changes over time. I never doctored the "before" pics. Honestly, I'm still ashamed of them. Why would I chose to make them look even worse than they already did? 

I understand 80 pounds is major, y'all. It feels major. But it isn't impossible. 


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