Friday, July 3, 2015

Road Trip and Food

This week we made our annual road trip to pick up my stepkids. Ryan and I enjoy traveling together. It gives us a chance to spend some time with each other and visit new places. The road trip always makes for a long day so we make the best of it. We started out at 5:00 am so we would have plenty of time for breaks.

My poor husband is not a morning person. It takes him just a bit to get going. Me? Not so much! 

We visited a new Bass Pro Shop on the way. They had a beautiful park beside the store and we walked around for a bit.

We can't pass up a chance to shop at Bass Pro. We love that store! I don't think there's been a time we walked out empty handed.

The XM Radio in the car got plenty of use. I pretty much love all music. From country to Latin music, I can find something awesome to dance to!

We were thrilled to finally see Madison and Bryce. Summer can never come soon enough for us. Once we picked them up we headed to Gander Mountain and a Mexican restaurant right down the road. We've made this our tradition and it's a great chance for us to stretch our legs.

On the way home, we hit rough weather. It absolutely poured on us most of the way home.

I was so happy to get back to Caleb. He'd spent the night before with his grandparents and I was really missing him. The kids were excited to see their new rooms and we've made plans to get them decorated together. I had thought about having everything hung up in their rooms before they arrived, but then decided to wait for them to help too.

The next morning, I had a date with my Keurig. I was dragging! I feel like I've finally started catching up on rest.

I've been eating better to help with my energy levels too. I have about a month until my behind is planted in the sand so I've gotta buckle down!

Madison and I ventured out for groceries. We made an ALDI run because feeding a family of five is expensive! I've got two boys who can really eat and I am committed to feeding my family quality foods.

While we were shopping, it started to rain....again. By the time we got to the car and threw all of the groceries in, we were soaked! For all of our hard efforts, we treated ourselves to Starbucks. I am so happy they have coconut milk now!

How many of you are using the videos I posted this week? How's it going so far? 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Workout With Me?

Let's try something new... 

I have been playing around with the idea in my mind for several days now. Most of you already know how Zumba® fitness crazy I am. There's nothing else like it for me. I love a workout that never actually feels like a workout. I believe you have to love what you do in all aspects of life. Why have a job that doesn't bring you happiness? Why have relationships in your life that do not bring joy? Why would your workout be any different?

If you hate your workout or just working out in general, why do it? Why not find something you're passionate about and make it work for you?

I grew up dancing. I am one of the shyest people you will ever meet. I dread talking to an entire group of people, but all of that fades away when I dance. I have danced in front of hundreds and it doesn't phase me at all.

Instead of doing something I hate, I make my workouts work for me. Zumba® fitness gives me a way to workout, make friends, and lose weight without ever feeling like work. I loved it enough that I decided to get my license to teach classes and it has by far been one of the best decisions I've made.

Last summer I was at my lowest weight, but many weeks I found myself teaching five hours a week. Now that my husband and I are working on a huge home renovation, I have not had the time to commit to that many classes. I teach two hours per week and that's not enough for me to see results. I've had so much on my plate that I honestly couldn't add anymore classes to my schedule.

But.... It doesn't stop me from working out at home. And that led me to more thoughts.... I can burn about 800-900 calories per hour with Zumba® fitness. If I did that five times per week, it would definitely add up. Then I started wondering.... What would happen if I committed to doing Zumba® fitness every day?? 

Don't you want to know??? Me too! I want to see what it does for my body. I know I lose weight. I know I tone and lose serious inches as well. I want to carve out an hour per day for me. That's easiest in the mornings before my family wakes up, so that's when I will squeeze it in. 

Anyone care to join me in this experiment? While I cannot share my choreo for my classes here (You need to come to my class to see all that!), I can put together an awesome workout from other videos on You Tube. Just save this blog post or pin it to Pinterest and pull it up each day. Go through each video in the order I give them here and you will have an awesome calorie burning workout. If enough of you enjoy it, I will come up with a fresh playlist next week. But..... I've gotta hear from you! Comment below if you're dancing and working out with me!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

IDLife Review

I was given products from the IDLife line to try out this week. Audra brought a sample kit for me to check out and I was surprised at the range of products. I think a lot of supplement companies really push weight loss down your throat and what I like about IDLife is their focus on complete health. It's not just about weight loss. They have products to improve your overall quality of life. 

The IDLife Hydrate drink contains electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to replenish your system after working out. It's like a healthier alternative to the sugary sports drinks. 

The IDLife Sleep strips are a natural and organic solution to your sleep issues. If you're using the fitness trackers that also track your sleep patterns, you may notice that you aren't getting a great night's sleep. Part of weight loss success is making sure you get enough quality sleep. If this is something you struggle with, IDLife Sleep is definitely for you. I noticed a big difference when I used them. I am normally a light sleeper. I wake up still feeling drained quite often, but I could tell I felt more rested when I used IDLife Sleep before bed.

When Audra approached me about the IDLife line, I was most curious about the Energy line. I actually love Spark from Advocare. I wanted to see if I liked the IDLife Energy better. I do like the taste better and that really surprised me. I would like to see IDLife roll out other flavors soon. I think that would definitely help them as a company.

I could tell that my energy was increased and I like that I wasn't jittery. I just had an overall feeling of healthy. Many of you know I have been battling an active Epstein Barr virus for several months. I am really struggling with my energy levels and it is taking a toll on my body. I have searched for natural ways to heal my body through vitamins and my nutrition.

I hate to shove weight loss products down your throat because I honestly believe real weight loss success is based on quality nutrition and an active lifestyle. IDLife's focus on caring for our bodies and not just focusing on weight loss is a big selling point for me. I like they they use quality, natural organic ingredients. They don't cut corners and I like that.

If you're looking for weight loss help, they do have several items that can aid your efforts. It's meant to be combined with quality nutrition and an active lifestyle.

 Have you heard of IDLife yet? Anyone else tried it? What do you think?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Time

This weekend we were able to celebrate my husband's grandfather's 90th birthday. What a blessing!!! Ryan's grandfather served in our military, traveled all over the country, and raised an amazing family.

He is so precious to me because I see so much of him in my husband. I have him to thank for Ryan's dedication to his family, work ethics, and handy man talents. Ryan has been raised by two wonderful men and I can see their influence throughout my husband's life.

Ryan's aunt and cousin joined us this weekend. Caleb has been so excited to spend time with them. 

We had a shrimp boil at the house and watched the wildlife in the backyard. Somehow we now have another cat and a pet raccoon. We started out with our cat and ended up feeding other animals. 

Caleb convinced Audra to try out his new bunk bed. He was so excited to show off his new room. 

And no cousin trip would be complete without pictures... This was the best we could pull off. There were a few that didn't make the cut... Ha! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

I feel like a broken record at this point. Life is nuts. End of story.

In all honesty, last week finally feels like our turning point around the house. We are beginning to see things come together and it is a great feeling. I'd love to be able to tell y'all that my eating has been fabulous and I have tons of weight loss progress, but unfortunately that would be a complete lie.

Do you know how tough it is to lose weight when you cannot cook meals at home very easily?

I've told myself that this is a period in my life that weight loss is not at the top of my priorities list. I have maintained give or take five pounds so it hasn't spiraled out of control. I've really struggled with accepting that right now. Everything in me wants to rededicate, but I am worn out. I work full time, I have a husband and a child, and we are in the middle of a massive home renovation. It's truly exhausting.

This weekend we got the cable and internet hooked up at the new house. I also was able to fully unpack and set up my kitchen. I feel like this week will finally let me get back on track! It's so tough planning meals when you have half of your kitchen packed in boxes.

My husband is beyond thrilled to be able to watch TV. Caleb and I haven't missed it very much at all. I've mostly missed Pinterest and blogging more frequently. Hopefully I can squeeze in more now that the internet is installed.

The boys' bunk bed is assembled. Our TV's are almost installed. The trim is being installed. We are slowly getting there. I have a huge pile of donation items, but I can see some of our garage floor finally. Our old home is under contract and finally in underwriting. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. 

We have family visiting this coming weekend so we have just a few more days to wrap some of these projects before we take a break. My stepchildren arrive next week and we are determined to not work on projects while they are with us. Bring on summer! Bring on the boating, cookouts, and beach!

We may be getting a later start, but we are most definitely going to enjoy it. Now if I can just figure out how to lose weight in the middle of all this....


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