Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivation Monday

Welcome back for another Motivation Monday! 

I've been asked if Ryan and I are still drinking grapefruit juice and if it was really helping. I wasn't completely sure that we were losing weight due to the grapefruit juice or if cleaning up out diet was doing more for us. 

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Ryan and I have been eating clean for over two weeks. Things are going great! So far he has lost 15 pounds and comments often about how much better he's feeling. 

We have had steady losses. Slowly, but surely the weight is coming off. Last week we ran out of grapefruit juice but continued to eat clean for about two days. During that time, my weight loss stopped. I grabbed some extra grapefruit juice and restarted it. The next day, I continued losing. 

So yes, it is definitely helping. I think the grapefruit juice has helped me a lot. My blood sugar sometimes drops and I get dizzy. When I'm drinking my grapefruit juice, I notice it is stabilized more. 

Don't forget to check with your doctor before you start drinking grapefruit juice regularly because it interacts with some medicines! This is crucial! 

How'd your week go? 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Little One

The day before I had my ultrasound, I knew deep down we were having a boy. Weeks before, I began dreaming of a little boy who looked a lot like my husband. I told Ryan that we didn't really even need to go to find out what we were having because I was absolutely certain it was a little boy. God knew that I was made to be a boy mom! From the moment I was sure we were having a little Caleb (instead of a Kylie), I dreamed of football. I knew deep down that I was raising a football player! Ryan carefully picked out an orange and white Tennessee outfit to bring Caleb home in. As parents, we agreed to support him in whatever he wanted to do.... We tried baseball and we offered soccer, but his little heart loves football! 

We signed Caleb up a little early for football this year. He's playing on a 5 and 6 year old team and he's also the baby of the team since his birthday is in November. He's always been big for his age, so we thought we'd give it a try. He isn't the fastest on the team, but he's got a huge heart! He has the attitude of an NFL player...

At practice last week, Caleb took a nasty hit. One of the more experienced kids on the team tackled him hard. He cried for a couple of seconds, realized he was okay, and wanted to go up against the same kid again! The coaches said he took the hit of the season. 

On Friday night, I got a text from the coach telling us Caleb would have the honor of carrying the Pounder Hammer onto the field and would be Saturday's team captain for the game. 

I cannot believe we have an almost five year old. His little personality is such a shining spot in our family. There's never a dull moment with Caleb around. 

I had a huge proud mama moment seeing him walk out onto the football field carrying the hammer. I graduated as a Pounder and this little child of mine is playing as a Pounder. And it's pretty cool that he's the baby of the team this year.

I think the most surprising part is discovering more and more of his personality through football. He may be one of the smaller ones on the field, but he makes up for it with attitude. Caleb got thrown into practicing four hours a week, doing a lot of physical exercise for his age, joining something very structured, and playing once a week. I love that through everything he just keeps trying. He doesn't give up easily and he's showing us how he can hang in there with bigger kids. He's got some amazing determination for a four year old. I never imagined he'd get hit and get back up asking for more. I see him leaving behind his baby stage that needs me all the time for getting wild with his new friends. 

I think Caleb has inherited our love of the sport and a lot of our stubbornness. As long as he enjoys it and loves the game, we are most definitely all in. I'd be proud of him for not playing any sports, but I love watching him grow through his love of football. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Motivation Monday

Ryan and I have been eating pretty clean for over a week now and we feel so much better! The weight is slowly dropping and it's getting easier to stay on track every day. 

I noticed something this week that has made a huge difference in my renewed motivation. Ryan has joined me this time and it's so much easier to excel when we're on the same "team". Sometimes it's been pretty hard being the only one eating healthy meal after healthy meal. Ryan and Caleb ate well with me, but they also splurged on junk a lot more than I did. Now that Ryan is watching what he's eating, it has helped me stay accountable. 

I've actually enjoyed the feeling of him being dedicated just as much as I am. We're working toward a common goal and it keeps me on track. I'm so fortunate. 

I think I've been doing this so long that I just got tired. As long as I'm seeing progress (the scale moving down or clothes fitting better), I'm good to go. But it's those long, drawn out plateaus that just exhaust me. I admit that it really got me down this time. I feel like I just keep trucking along and bit by bit it's happening for me. But to be honest, the losses are so slow and so small right now. It weighed on me at times and I could feel my determination slipping. 

I've spent the past two months really struggling. Losing, then gaining. Trying something new, going back to what works. Being hopeful, getting frustrated. Happy and mad. 

Then Ryan stepped in. 

He saw me sit on our bed and burst into tears because I lost my drive. From that point on, he hung in there with me. He wasn't just my cheerleader, he was my partner. I'm so grateful I'm not doing this alone right now. 

My journey has been mostly solo. There have been times that I'm the only one working out or eating healthy meals. It's tough to stay strong and be unique when everyone around you has stayed the same. 

I literally couldn't. I had to change, but it wasn't always easy alone. 

It was definitely worth it, but far from easy. 

I challenge you this month to find someone close who can share the battle with you. Don't wait until you get frustrated like I did. Connect with someone who can cheer you on, encourage you, and help you through the tougher parts.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Boat Rides

This Saturday was our first peek at the fall season. The wind kicked up during our early morning football game and it was chilly. Ryan had to run home to grab a blanket and some extra coffee! For the rest of our football season, I shall keep blankets and jackets in the car. 

After the game we made sure we wore our colors to support the Vols! Every time Caleb wears his Tennessee jerseys he asks if that means he plays for the Vols. I keep telling him not yet...

And no selfie would be completely without showing off our blue Powerade tongue....

We went out on the lake for an extra long boat ride. I think this was Caleb's longest boat ride ever. It was absolutely gorgeous!

The sun finally showed and we were able to warm up for a bit. It was so pretty and peaceful out!

We cruised to the dam and back while Caleb begged to swim. I am always in awe of how breathtakingly beautiful our home is. When I try to imagine living anywhere other than Chattanooga, I cannot think of any other place I'd rather be. Possibly the beach, but who wants to deal with the occasional hurricane? Not this girl. Give me the mountains, the lake, and the convenience of three major cities within a two hour drive. My kind of home sweet home.

Speaking of boat rides, my captain for the day was pretty awesome too. He drives and I lay out. I think it's a great deal!

I hate that summer is ending. I'm one of those people who'd be comfortable with 80+ degree weather year round. But since that's not how things work around here, I'm going to embrace the beauty of the new season. I suppose I'm ready for cooler weather filled with football, chili, campfires, and pretty leaves. Bring on hunting season, Tellico weekends, and cuddle up weather! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Q & A Sesh

I've gotten several questions via email and the blog this week. I thought I could answer some of those for y'all and it may be beneficial for everyone here to read as well! 

I was just wondering if you are continuing to drink 3 glasses of grapefruit juice a day & if you see any change from doing so?

Yep! We are still drinking our grapefruit juice. Ryan and I are both drinking it and are seeing progress on the scales. His is faster than mine, but we are both still losing. My weight loss can very drastically.... If I'm trying to lose, I can lose anywhere from .4 pounds to a whole pound a day. The moment I stop, I can gain back anywhere from two to four pounds just from water retention. My body is super sensitive to what I put in it. And it takes so much longer to take it back off. Totally sucks for me. 

I have no idea how you fit it all in and aren't asleep typing the blog post.

You and me both! I think I'm so used to being busy that I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't. I've always worked six days a week. I schedule all of my blog posts in advance. Once a week, I sit down and write when Ryan's watching TV and Caleb has gone to bed. It's my time to relax and get things out. I teach Zumba® classes so that I have to workout. I can't slack at taking care of myself because other people depend on me too. I cook once a week and do my food prep then. Life runs so much easier when I do that. I have a Type A personality and am OCD, so I think that helps me a lot when I'm busy. My husband and son are both really active and our family just happens to move at a faster pace than others. 

I have recently started doing the Zumba workout videos (the older version). I do fine on the beginner video, but I tried the advanced video yesterday. Whew! What a workout! I was only able to do 30 mins of it and I'm having trouble keeping up with the video. I think partially because it's new to me, but also because I'm out of shape. Do you think it's better to take my time and try to get down each move? For example, if they are doing a particular move 8 times, but I'm only able to do it 3 times before they move on to the next move. Or would it be better to keep up with the video the best I can and worry about the technique later, the more I do the video??

I can tell you what I did and it may work well for you too. 

I see people with all different fitness levels and abilities. In a regular class, I recommend do what you can! You're going to have some people who have the songs and choreography nailed down. You'll notice some people going all out with high intensity (jumping more or exaggerating the movements) and there are others who tone it down. Zumba® classes are pretty much for anyone because you can tailor it to your own needs. 

When I first started, my fitness level was pitiful. I struggled through an hour long class and had a difficult time staying with the instructors. I did what I could each class. I figured as long as I was moving, I was burning calories even if I couldn't dial down the techniques all that well. As things improved, I started focusing on the actual movements. I've also noticed over time that different instructors have their own versions of each basic step. Some add more flair, more intensity or are easier to follow. The purpose is to get you moving then you can add your own style! 

I'm drastically different from the instructors I teach with. But we are all burning calories and having fun! When you work on the technique more specifically, you will tone more. I have noticed that it takes a couple of times for each new person to get the hang of it, but it does "click". Then they begin working on their intensity, technique, and endurance.    

I think newbies tend to compare their abilities and progress with others who have been doing it a whole lot longer. I certainly do that myself and it encourages me to work on certain things. But I also don't expect myself to come out looking like the instructors on the DVD's from the beginning! The key is not letting it discourage you to the point of quitting. It will come with time! I promise!!! 


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