Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Project

For the last 3,650 days of my life, I've had to look at my dad's office. It's boring, outdated, and unchanged! I've been begging him to let me redecorate it, but we always get too busy around here. My parents are leaving tomorrow for a quick trip to Atlanta. Guess what will be happening while he's away from the office? I'm turning everything upside down, cleaning, reorganizing, and decorating! My trusty side-kick, Bo, and I will transform Dad's office into something that atleast looks like something that wasn't just thrown together from spare pieces of the marina. I'm sorry, but the picture of trees and a road done in pastel colors is soooo gone! Along with that goes the silly looking pelican picture that hangs over his computer. Seriously, pastel paintings should be no where near a general manager's office! Can you tell Dad could literally care less? Well, I do and it's going to be changed. I'll post before and after pictures later!

Monday, February 22, 2010

He Laughed!

Caleb laughed for the first time yesterday! It was so exciting that I couldn't help but squeal! Ryan tried to catch it on video, but it didn't work out. When I changed his clothes yesterday, he giggled for a second. It just melted my heart to know that my baby had such a beautiful little laugh. So far he is developing a wonderful personality and is such a happy baby. I'm reminded every day of how blessed I am to have him in my life. I can be having the worst day, I come home to him, and he just lights up my world. It's so hard to believe I can love someone this much!

Here's two pictures taken while we were trying to get him to laugh:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tellico Time!

Ryan, Caleb, and I packed our things and hit the road on Friday evening! This was our first Tellico weekend in a while and it was much needed! The snow, ice, and overall nasty conditions prevented us from going as much as we would have liked this winter. When we first arrived, Ryan and I left Caleb at Mom and Dad's so that we could get our place warmed up and unpack the car. When we walked into the cabin, this is what we found:

Caleb was "dancing" with his Granny

I don't know if you've seen the Eric Clapton commercial on TV lately. He's singing "I've Got A Rock n Roll Heart". Every time Mom starts singing the chorus to Caleb, he starts smiling, babbling, and cooing. It's really funny, so we've decided that for now this is his favorite song. And that's exactly what she had playing while they danced!
I also got some really great shots of the family this weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday!

We made it through our busy week and somehow or another we accomplished everything we set out to do! Bowling was great Wednesday night. Caleb was such a cutie while we bowled. Aunt Dianne, Uncle Eddie, and Aunt Debbie stopped by to see him at the bowling alley. They live out in Hixson and they took the opportunity to hang out with us. Caleb was such a little flirt with Dianne. He has a special smile that he reserves for ladies and it just steals your heart! Caleb also discovered a new buddy: Uncle Eddie. I don't know why, but I never knew my uncle loved babies so much. He was absolutely wonderful with Caleb and Caleb literally couldn't get enough of him!

Caleb with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Dianne

Caleb just loves snuggling with his Aunt Debbie, but I honestly believe she enjoyed it a whole lot more!

He's so precious when he sleeps! It's enough to melt his mommy's heart!
I finally beat Ryan at bowling this week! After three difficult years of trying, I have finally done it! I told him it was because I now have Super Mommy Powers, but I really don't think he bought that excuse. I was just having a rare night!
Brian, Tara, and Zoey came over Tuesday night. Zoey is such a little doll! I'm so totally in love with her! I can't wait until she and Caleb get a little bigger and can play together! Hopefully Brian and Tara can close on their house sometime next week. Let the home improvements begin!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiny Baby Clothes

How do you part with the baby clothes your little one has outgrown? Caleb quickly grew out of his newborn size clothing. It seemed like a week passed and he was out of the 0-3 month clothing as well. I began to sort through the little outfits one afternoon. When I started to hold up the little things he used to fit in, I started bawling! My child has literally grow up right before my eyes and I didn't really realize it until that moment. I left all of the tiny clothes in a pile in my guest bedroom. Each day since, I have walked by that room and looked at them. I just can't bring myself to do something with them. I have thought about packing them away and hoping Brian and Tara bless us with a little boy in the future. I have thought about giving them away to the first woman I meet who is pregnant with a little boy. I really don't want either of those options right now. I just don't want to come to terms with the fact that my only child is growing up faster than I expected. I know that everyone has warned me of time passing too quickly when it comes to your children, but I did not expect all of this. If the pile stays where it's at, the 3-6 month clothing will join it soon....

More Cuteness!

Busy Week

So, I got to work this morning and looked at my calendar and realized I have such a crazy week ahead. Brian, Tara and Zoey are coming over Tuesday night so that Ryan and Brian can study. This is such a huge week for them because after almost two years of training, they are taking a test to become certified Mercury Marine technicians. Thursday morning they have to be in Atlanta to take the test. I've heard it is pretty difficult so I'm definitely praying that they both pass easily.

Wednesday night is the first Island Cove bowling night we've had in a really long time. I think I went bowling maybe twice when I was pregnant with Caleb, so it's been a while! I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not that great of a bowler, but I love getting together with people outside of work. I spend 40+ hours a week with these people and I still enjoy being with them after hours. Honestly, I was not paid to say that either.

Caleb had a rough day yesterday. He spent the day with his Nana and Pappy. I think because he was in a different place he decided not to nap much at all. Ryan took me to dinner at Red Lobster last night, so Caleb went to his Granny and Granddaddy's house. He proceeded to pitch an ugly fit and did not want to sleep! Mom said he wanted to be walked around the whole time. When we got home, he fell asleep immediately and slept for about six hours straight! Poor thing was exhausted. Lesson learned: Do NOT overstimulate the baby! Caleb really likes a schedule too, so he gets kinda fussy when things aren't the same everyday. It really doesn't promote our social life, but he's a happier baby when he's home by 7:00. Our evenings consist of: getting a bath, eating, snuggling, reading, rocking, and then finally going to bed. I think Caleb's going to be OCD like his mommy because if anything varies from said schedule, he is furious! We're pretty lucky in a way because it still leaves us with enough time in the evenings to spend time together after Caleb's asleep. I think we're getting used to all of this!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caleb at Three Months

One night Ryan and I found the timer option on our camera. This last picture is the result of the camera sitting in the window seal! We don't have many photos of all three of us together, so I absolutely love this picture. Ryan makes fun of me every time I get the camera out. His latest question is, "Why do we ever turn this thing off?" I warned Ryan when we first started dating that he would have to just get used to the whole camera in his face thing because my mom, my aunt, and I are always taking pictures. I told him this weekend that if one of us loses our memory when we're old and gray, he will thank me for taking all of these pictures one day. Plus, I have plenty of great pictures to scrapbook! How could I not take pictures of Caleb's adorable little face?

Not Doing So Well

Obviously I haven't taken the time to blog in a month! I really need to get in the habit of doing this! Quite a bit has happened in the last month too. Caleb is now three months old, I feel like I'm actually getting the hang of the whole mommy job, my brother and his family are about to purchase their first home, and I started working out again! Somehow I am getting good at this whole balancing act!

So, my little boy hit the three month mark. Not only is he developing a flirty personality with every lady he comes into contact with, he is sleeping in his crib at night! Seriously, he wakes up maybe once a night now and then goes right back to sleep. As a result, his mother is now starting to function again! For the first time since I got pregnant, I seem to be able to remember things. It's amazing! I developed the whole forgetfulness thing during my pregnancy and it was the most frustrating thing to me.

I'm at work full time now. The first day without Caleb was my personal form of Hell. I was okay as long as no one asked me where the baby was or how I was feeling. I even made it until 1:30 in the afternoon. Darrell and I were standing in the parts department and he asked if I was okay. For the first time in years, I cried in front of him. I promptly clocked myself out, got in the car, and picked Caleb up at daycare! And it got easier after the first day, just like every mother I spoke to had promised. I know I would rather spend my days with Caleb, but I realize that my child will be more social and I will be a more rounded individual. I need adult relationships and Caleb needs to be around kids.

Brian and Tara are a few days away from purchasing their first home. At 22 years old, my brother is accomplishing something that many people dream of the majority of their lives. I'm so very proud of him for working hard to provide a home for his new family. Over the next month or so, we will all be pitching in to help get the place painted and decorated, get everything moved in, and set up. Baby Zoey will have a pink room to enjoy and Brian and Tara will have a lot of room to enjoy! Aunt Wendy gets to baby sit a lot during this process so Caleb and Zoey will get plenty of time together!

Jessica and I went to the gym last week. It's been about a year since I was really able to work out and I can definitely tell I'm sooo out of shape! Even though my body ached, I was totally happy. It's so easy for me to get addicted to working out. For some reason, it is amazing to me to see how far and how hard I can push my body. I was actually a little surprised that I had some stamina! I didn't kill over after ten minutes on the eliptical!

I found out yesterday that my stepbabies, Madison and Bryce, may get to spend a lot of their summer in Chattanooga this year. We don't get to see them much, so it's a very exciting possibility! They haven't been able to meet Caleb yet, so I am counting the days until we all get together. Ryan is terribly excited to have all of his kids at one time. I'm hoping and praying it works out.

I told you I had a lot to catch up on. I'll try to post more often now.


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