Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Project

For the last 3,650 days of my life, I've had to look at my dad's office. It's boring, outdated, and unchanged! I've been begging him to let me redecorate it, but we always get too busy around here. My parents are leaving tomorrow for a quick trip to Atlanta. Guess what will be happening while he's away from the office? I'm turning everything upside down, cleaning, reorganizing, and decorating! My trusty side-kick, Bo, and I will transform Dad's office into something that atleast looks like something that wasn't just thrown together from spare pieces of the marina. I'm sorry, but the picture of trees and a road done in pastel colors is soooo gone! Along with that goes the silly looking pelican picture that hangs over his computer. Seriously, pastel paintings should be no where near a general manager's office! Can you tell Dad could literally care less? Well, I do and it's going to be changed. I'll post before and after pictures later!

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