Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy Week

So, I got to work this morning and looked at my calendar and realized I have such a crazy week ahead. Brian, Tara and Zoey are coming over Tuesday night so that Ryan and Brian can study. This is such a huge week for them because after almost two years of training, they are taking a test to become certified Mercury Marine technicians. Thursday morning they have to be in Atlanta to take the test. I've heard it is pretty difficult so I'm definitely praying that they both pass easily.

Wednesday night is the first Island Cove bowling night we've had in a really long time. I think I went bowling maybe twice when I was pregnant with Caleb, so it's been a while! I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not that great of a bowler, but I love getting together with people outside of work. I spend 40+ hours a week with these people and I still enjoy being with them after hours. Honestly, I was not paid to say that either.

Caleb had a rough day yesterday. He spent the day with his Nana and Pappy. I think because he was in a different place he decided not to nap much at all. Ryan took me to dinner at Red Lobster last night, so Caleb went to his Granny and Granddaddy's house. He proceeded to pitch an ugly fit and did not want to sleep! Mom said he wanted to be walked around the whole time. When we got home, he fell asleep immediately and slept for about six hours straight! Poor thing was exhausted. Lesson learned: Do NOT overstimulate the baby! Caleb really likes a schedule too, so he gets kinda fussy when things aren't the same everyday. It really doesn't promote our social life, but he's a happier baby when he's home by 7:00. Our evenings consist of: getting a bath, eating, snuggling, reading, rocking, and then finally going to bed. I think Caleb's going to be OCD like his mommy because if anything varies from said schedule, he is furious! We're pretty lucky in a way because it still leaves us with enough time in the evenings to spend time together after Caleb's asleep. I think we're getting used to all of this!

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