Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday!

We made it through our busy week and somehow or another we accomplished everything we set out to do! Bowling was great Wednesday night. Caleb was such a cutie while we bowled. Aunt Dianne, Uncle Eddie, and Aunt Debbie stopped by to see him at the bowling alley. They live out in Hixson and they took the opportunity to hang out with us. Caleb was such a little flirt with Dianne. He has a special smile that he reserves for ladies and it just steals your heart! Caleb also discovered a new buddy: Uncle Eddie. I don't know why, but I never knew my uncle loved babies so much. He was absolutely wonderful with Caleb and Caleb literally couldn't get enough of him!

Caleb with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Dianne

Caleb just loves snuggling with his Aunt Debbie, but I honestly believe she enjoyed it a whole lot more!

He's so precious when he sleeps! It's enough to melt his mommy's heart!
I finally beat Ryan at bowling this week! After three difficult years of trying, I have finally done it! I told him it was because I now have Super Mommy Powers, but I really don't think he bought that excuse. I was just having a rare night!
Brian, Tara, and Zoey came over Tuesday night. Zoey is such a little doll! I'm so totally in love with her! I can't wait until she and Caleb get a little bigger and can play together! Hopefully Brian and Tara can close on their house sometime next week. Let the home improvements begin!

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