Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tellico Time!

Ryan, Caleb, and I packed our things and hit the road on Friday evening! This was our first Tellico weekend in a while and it was much needed! The snow, ice, and overall nasty conditions prevented us from going as much as we would have liked this winter. When we first arrived, Ryan and I left Caleb at Mom and Dad's so that we could get our place warmed up and unpack the car. When we walked into the cabin, this is what we found:

Caleb was "dancing" with his Granny

I don't know if you've seen the Eric Clapton commercial on TV lately. He's singing "I've Got A Rock n Roll Heart". Every time Mom starts singing the chorus to Caleb, he starts smiling, babbling, and cooing. It's really funny, so we've decided that for now this is his favorite song. And that's exactly what she had playing while they danced!
I also got some really great shots of the family this weekend.

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