Sunday, April 25, 2010

Most Needed Items

One of my cousins is about to have a baby shower and I have been thinking of all the most needed items a new mommy must have. While all of the baby clothes are adorable, people tend to give so many that the baby outgrows them before you can get the tags off! I think now to the every day things Ryan and I use with Caleb and there are some essentials:

1. The Infant Movement Monitor : This monitors the baby's breathing and alerts when the baby stops. The risk of SIDS and suffocation is dramatically reduced. You may wonder what the chances are of actually needing this item are, especially when it is quite pricey, but it lets mommy sleep without getting up fifteen times during the night to check on the baby!

2. Batteries : Just about every dang toy an infant gets requires batteries. The cute little piano on the jumper, the swing that must be used every night for the first three months when it's the only way your baby will sleep without you holding them, and the bouncer with the vibrating option. Caleb is a movement baby and when Ryan and I were absolutely exhausted, the batteries saved our lives and sanity! The biggest problem is that they never last very long. When Caleb was a month old, we replaced four D batteries every week so his swing could work. He either wanted in the bed to sleep with us, or he wanted his swing. Since we didn't want to let Caleb sleep with us until he was 16, we depended on the swing! Now, he goes to sleep in his crib and is a happy baby!

3. Size 2 and 3 Diapers: We all know the baby is going to grow, but we only stock up on Newborn and Size 1 diapers. While it's nice to have a surplus early on and when mommy doesn't want to go to the store with a newborn, the boxes of itty bitty diapers can be a bad thing. Caleb outgrew his Newborn diapers within a few weeks. We had tons of Newborn diapers, but they just wouldn't fit by Christmas! Luckily my little neice was tiny so they were donated to her. If you don't have that option, save your receipts and exchange them later!

4. Bottles : When you buy or register for bottles, get all of the same kind! This way you never have to search for matching pieces! It's frustrating to have a bottle ready and not have a top to fit it!

So, the next time you're shopping for your little one or someone else's, remember these suggestions!!!

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