Friday, April 9, 2010

What is Caleb doing now?

Caleb is almost five months old! The time is flying by and he's growing so fast. He has learned some new skills just recently and he's so much fun to watch. When Caleb gets really excited he smiles really big, kinda curls up, and stuffs his fist in his mouth. He's such a happy child and he does this a lot now. It's almost like he has was too much emotion bottled up and can't get it out! He has recently discovered his feet and toes. He curls up to hold onto them and practices rolling himself from side to side.

Caleb also laughs a lot now. He's very ticklish on his belly. Every night at bathtime it's almost impossible for me to stay dry while washing his belly. He gets ticklish and starts squirming in the tub. Water goes everywhere!

Ryan and I bought Caleb a walker a couple of weeks ago. While Madison and Bryce were here, Madison pushed him around the kitchen floor in it. He finally got the concept of putting his feet down and pushing. He took his first steps in it this week! He actually made it from one end of our kitchen to the other. Ryan couldn't believe it!

Caleb is also wearing 6 to 9 month clothing now. He's in size 3 diapers! He's getting so big. The doctor says he's really tall for his age.

Caleb loves to snuggle right before bedtime. He finished his bottle, burped, and laid his little head on my shoulder as he fell asleep the other night. I knew I needed to lay him down in his bed, but I couldn't bring myself to move! I sat in our rocking chair for thirty minutes not wanting the moment to end. I think it's one of the best parts of being a mommy. I've never felt so loved...

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