Friday, May 14, 2010

Branching Out

I'm seriously trying to expand my blog and discover other blogs in the process. I have encountered some amazing stories, seen some beautifully written posts, and gained inspiration along the way. I use my blog as a journal to record special dates in our lives (that's the only way I'll remember anything to put in my scrapbooks) and to stay connected to friends and family.

Today I found a few wonderful blogs and just had to share them! First of all, I just found Pearls and Grace and she is one of my blogging idols! The name says it all. God has given her such talent in life and a beautiful family. She is uplifting, vibrant and completely inspirational! I look forward to reading through her posts while I sip my coffee in the evenings and listen to Caleb sleep through the baby monitor!

Through her page, I then found Southern Butter! Not only is she blessed with a beautiful little boy, but she's all Southern belle! Seriously, what's not to absolutely adore???

Hopefully, I will begin to find others in this bloggy world to connect with. If you happen to be new to my blog, please comment! I'd love to "meet" some of my readers. 

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