Monday, May 3, 2010

Caleb's Big Weekend

We were really busy this past weekend. Not only is Caleb trying to learn how to crawl, but he is also cutting his first tooth! His little bottom tooth is starting to show and Caleb lets us know how much it hurts. When he gets really tired and starts to hurt, he throws his head and arms back and just wails. If it didn't break my heart so much, it would almost be comical! He such a dramatic thing when it comes to pitching a fit.

We went to Tellico this past weekend. Ryan decided that it was time to seal our porch to the camper so we don't run a chance of having a snake come in. We stopped by Lowe's for a few supplies. We decided to try putting Caleb in the shopping cart for the first time. It actually worked pretty well! He was such a cutie! Daddy bought him a truck book while we were there. It makes noises, so Caleb was instantly interested!

Despite the bad weather predictions, Tellico actually turned out to be nice. It sprinkled off and on, but really wasn't bad. Caleb got a chance to use his jumper on the porch while Daddy and Mommy worked. Caleb is also sitting up unsupported! He really likes it!

I can't believe he's growing so fast. Our home has a split foyer. The railing that goes along the second floor has always been an eye sore for us. The previous owners made it out of two by fours and painted it white. It has always been on our to do list to change it. The boards are way too far apart and are not up to current housing specifications. Literally, it translates to not being safe for Caleb. Since he is trying his best to learn how to crawl, Ryan and I decided to make a half wall out of the railing instead. It would make the area look a lot more finished and be an easier fix than replacing the whole railing. There is no chance of Caleb pushing through or getting his head stuck. It also gives me a chance to decorate. Yesterday Ryan worked on making the railing stronger and we hung the drywall. Tonight, we plan to mud and sand. Hopefully I will be painting in a few days. I'm really looking forward to posting pictures of the transformation!

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