Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Living Room

Something my husband has had to learn about me is that I change my mind a lot! Therefore, things in our home can be transformed or rearranged at a moment's notice. Our living room has had a very traditional look for a while. My husband has a lot of Italian blood running through him, so when we first got married I decided to decorate with grapes, Italian countrysides, and darker colors. I have loved my living room for two years now, but I have got to change things up. I have decided to go with a more modern look. My walls (that I just so happened to spend two weeks painting) have a dark reddish-brown color with beige sponged on top. It looks really good, but I'm just tired of it. I want something with a more modern feel to it. Here are the before pictures I took last night:

My living room after Ryan has been sanding dry wall mud. He forgot to cover my couch and recliner, so that's just something else to clean....
Here's a close picture of one of the walls.
Yeah, that took forever to do!
So, my amazingly talented Uncle Trevor came over last night and began painting the hallway and living room for me. The new color is really opening up and brightening the area. We've only got the first coat on one living room wall and down the hallway, but I am immediately in love with it! Here's a preview of the color (remember that this is only the first coat!):

It's a light blue color with some gray in it.

We picked Behr paint Icy Bay for the walls.
My house is completely torn apart, but it is slowly coming together. I can't wait to decorate as I have several ideas going in my head right now. While I watched my uncle paint last night I kept thinking, "Thank goodness I'm not the one doing this! I'm horrible and impatient when it comes to cutting in!" He is so gifted when it comes to painting. That actually runs in my mom's side of the family. My grandfather was a painter, several uncles are painters, and my mom can keep up with the best of them! Seriously, my uncle can paint a straight line with both hands, using a four inch brush, while talking, and balancing on a ladder. If I were to try that, there would be paint on the ladder, paint on the carpet, paint on me, and none on the walls! I just don't have the Harper touch when it comes to painting and artistic creation. So as long as I keep the homemade cooking coming (which I happen to be pretty darn good at), Uncle Trevor does the painting! Lucky me, right???

Yesterday was a big milestone day at our house. Caleb turned six months old! I can't believe it's been six months since we welcomed him into the world. Lately he has done so much better when eating baby food. He can actually open wide and use his lips to get food off of the spoon. He's getting a little less messy with it too! As far as having a bottle goes, he can use a sippy cup now and can even drink out of a regular cup a little. He has fast flow nipples on his bottles and can finish a bottle in two minutes flat now. The kid eats like it's his last meal! It's really funny because he's so serious about it. He has also discovered how to jump up and down. When you hold him, his little legs are constantly wanting to bounce! He loves his jumper!

I have a very bad allergy to rice. My mom discovered it when I was a baby and I still cannot tolerate it to this day. We had been afraid that Caleb may have the same reaction, so we have always fed him oatmeal cereal instead of rice. Since he's eating second stage foods now, many of them have rice flour in them. I have been checking labels closely to prevent him getting any rice. Last night, I accidentally missed the rice flour in one of his baby foods. He ate a whole tub of it and did just fine! I think he is going to be okay with rice. I'm so happy that he didn't seem to inherit that from me. It's aggravating to have to read labels on everything you eat or be really careful at restaurants. We'll keep praying that he keeps tolerating rice.

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