Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day...

This morning I woke up to Caleb babbling through the baby monitor. I walked into his room and said good morning to him. I was instantly greeted with smiles and squeals. It is the little moments that make being a mother so enjoyable and special. It's the way he looks up at me when he's snuggling and trying to fall asleep. It's the way he grins at me during his evening bath. There are times when he only wants his mommy and those are the moments that stick out the most. I carried my child for nine long, sometimes difficult, months. I labored for twenty-one hours and had a C-Section to get him into this world. I have endured many sleepless nights. And it was worth every single bit of it! God gave me a beautiful little boy in return. I feel so blessed each and every day because of Caleb. Sure, teething troubles are exhausting and he fusses when he's hungry. A mother tends to notice those things less! I focus on his little head lying on my chest when he falls asleep at night. I notice the way he holds onto my finger when I feed him. When you're a mother, you take notice of every loving gesture.

This time last year, I was pregnant with Caleb. I found myself wondering if I would be a good mother. I worried about not knowing what to do with an infant. I was afraid to hold one or change a diaper, so how could I possibly be a decent mother? I didn't know the first thing about comforting a baby when it cried. I had never been a person that babies were drawn to. Despite having all of those fears, when Caleb came into my life I became a good mother. Holding him came easy because he liked to snuggle close. I changed a diaper successfully when there was no one around to help out. And I became the most comforting thing in Caleb's life as if I had been doing it for years.

I am so proud to be Caleb's mommy and I love the job. I thank God every day for blessing me with my angel.

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