Monday, May 3, 2010

OCD in Overdrive!

I'm completely obsessive compulsive and my family loves me despite all of that! I believe that everything should have order and things should be put back in place every time. I like for things to match and be organized. It's just me and I realize that I am different.

I enjoy looking at pictures posted on Facebook and MySpace. I like blogs from friends and family. I just have one little problem with something. When people take pictures of themselves or their stuff,  I notice their backgrounds. If someone has a messy area behind them, I really notice it. It drives me nuts! Why would anyone put a picture of their nasty home out there for all the world to see? Does it honestly not bother people anymore? Is it common now to live like pigs?

I was looking at someone's pictures on Facebook the other day and it just hit me! I noticed they took different pictures in areas of their home and it was all unorganized and messy. They took a picture of themself in their kitchen. The counters were cluttered, crumbs of food were everywhere, and floors were dirty looking. Another picture was in the bedroom. Curtains were a mess, the bed was unmade, and the dresser had clothes piled high. Someone just showed the world that they were completely dirty. Why would anyone do that?

No one wants to see your mess! Gripe session over.

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