Friday, May 7, 2010


Our new air conditioner was installed yesterday! Ryan and I have patched the dang thing for two years and it finally died this year. We really lucked out to have it this long because it was our house's original unit. Around 7:00 last night, the guys finished installing it and we felt nice cold air for the first time this year. The house cooled off quickly and when Caleb finished his bath, he fell asleep snuggled up close to his mommy. Not only did Caleb sleep wonderfully last night, Ryan and I did as well. For the first time in a couple of weeks we got to snuggle up next to each other!

Caleb has been really loving this week. He has been extra cuddly in the evenings when it's time for bed. Two nights ago, he fell asleep next to me on the couch. His little hand was laid across me and I just couldn't stand to move him. I stayed there watching TV and him for two hours before I put him in his crib. He's so beautiful when he sleeps.

On a sad note, we lost one of our family pets yesterday. Our little pomeranian, Beau, fell in a bucket of water while we were at work. He couldn't get out and drowned. He was Ryan's little buddy and it has broken our hearts. Our chihuahua, Diva, has been looking around the house for him since it happened. She looks so sad and it's pitiful to watch. Ryan and I do not plan to get any more dogs after this. We get way too attached to them and it's always so painful to loose one.

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