Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Retail Therapy, Baby!

My hubby's parents gave me a Hamilton Place giftcard for my birthday and I am just now getting around to using it. I have not been shopping for just me in forever and last night it felt so wonderful! Caleb and I loaded up and met Jessica and her son, Darian, for some walking, talking, and shopping! Blissful combination and I so needed it! I found an awesome store called Charming Charlie's. It is a woman's absolute Heaven on Earth! Everything is grouped by color (this OCD girl was flipping for that) and you can literally find any color purse, piece of jewelry, or accessory for any occasion! When we walked into the store, I immediately laid eyes on a gorgeous bright pink purse. I thought, "That is something I would really love, but don't have the guts to actually buy and use for myself. It's pretty bright..." and we kept walking through the store. Eventually, my wild side won out and I went back for the purse. It has compartments galore and I am lovin' in! It's my "cheer up any kind of mood" purse. So, I may be carrying this beautiful purse for a bit! I also found a wine bottle stopper that has our initial on it! Here are the things I ended up falling for and buying:

This purse is so soft on the sides!
So, now when I am cooking I have a way to save some of my wine in a pretty way!
While Debbie and I were at Kirkland's this weekend, I found all of these. The picture frame and blue wall plate are going in the living room and the gold "D" is going in our bedroom.

I think Caleb really enjoys hanging out with his mommy at the mall. He gets to smile at strangers and check everything out. He's at a really neat stage where he's just taking everything in right now. Darian was so good while Jessica and I walked around that we got smoothies from Smoothie King and went to the play area. Caleb was so excited because he got to watch big kids play! He was too cute!

Maybe he can be the Dillard's spokesbaby???

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