Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ryan's Birthday Party

We all got together last night for Ryan's birthday and celebrated him turning 28! As usual, the babies were the focus of the evening. Sorry, Ryan!

Before we left last night, Dad and I were sitting on the porch. He said, "Parties aren't like they used to be around here!" The babies had bedtimes, the mommies were worn out, and we were all pretty calm! Two years ago, we'd have all piled in the hot tub, horsed around, and stayed up until who knows when. Funny how two little people can change a family so dramatically!

I actually attempted my first cake from scratch for my hubby. I was really intimidated and scared to death that it just wouldn't work out! Different cake disasters played out in my head. What if the icing was too hard? What if the cake just plain tasted like dog doo? What if the decorations could have been done better by a five year old? Yeah, seriously. This all went through my mind! So, here' the big reveal:

First of all, the icing was great! It was a lemon flavored buttercream. I made lemon poundcakes for both layers and decorated with blue tinted fondant. The lettering was done by melting chocolate and piping it on wax paper. When it dried, I transfered it to the cake. It looks like a cake a 12 year old could have pulled off, but overall I was pretty pleased with it. I generally bake from a box, smear store bought icing over it, and call it a day. This was an accomplishment for me, but I don't think I'll quit my day job to go make cakes!

Caleb and Zoey both got to try on their swim outfits for the first time! They were so cute! Zoey didn't much like the whole sitting in the pool experience and got bored with it. Caleb absolutely loved it! Once Zoey got out of the water, he went nuts splashing all over the place. It was really funny because he never really splashes with his hands in the tub. For some reason he just knew that was what he was supposed to do!

The poor blow up giraffe needed some air and since my hubby is all full of hot air, he was happy to help out! Plus, he's just naturally a person that likes to fix things!

Attractive, right?!?!?

Caleb's first time to celebrate Daddy's birthday!
And yes, we brought that big ol' dog back out again! We're seriously going to have to stop toting this thing around!

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  1. Cutest baby pool ever! So much cooler than the one I have for my little one (though she loves it!)

    Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club and am now following you. Hope you can do the same!

    Best - Louise @



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