Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mommy and Caleb Weekend

I decided to take a break from Tellico this weekend and get some things done around the house. Ryan  still went because he had some projects to do in Tellico himself. On Friday evening, Caleb and I settled in for a comfortable night at home. The house was really quiet and peaceful. When Caleb went to bed, I decided to start my own project for the weekend. I scrubbed the floor in my laundry room. It is painted concrete and had quite a bit of grime from Ryan walking in from the garage. Slowly, I moved everything out including the washer and dryer. I started mudding the drywall and laid out the tile for the floor. Progress was slow, but going steady. Caleb started crying and I heard him from the monitor. As I turned quickly to run to him, I managed to cut my arm on something in my hubby's garage. I still don't know exactly what I did, but all I know was there was blood dripping everywhere. As soon as Caleb drifted back to sleep, I realized that I was burning up and absolutely exhausted. I sat down in my recliner and was out before I knew it!

Saturday morning Caleb and I got up and started our day. He was being pretty clingy, so I didn't have a chance to clean as much as I had hoped. We decided to join my in-laws for some time in their pool. Caleb loves the water and wore himself out trying to "swim". We brought his portable swing outside on the deck and he slept for quite a while in the shade. For the first time in about two years, I got to lay out and get some sun! It felt Heavenly! I did get a little red, but it was so relaxing it was well worth it!

Caleb woke up and swam a little more. When we headed in to get dry and grab something to eat, we took a quick picture!

Nana and Pappy had a surprise for Caleb too. They got him a walker to play in while he stays with them on Sundays!

Caleb "helped" them put it together. That's something about baby toys: you always need the instructions and there are fifteen million pieces to assemble!

Somehow or another, it's always worth it!

When we got home, Caleb had a relaxing bath and fell asleep quickly. I ended up watching a couple of Lifetime movies and went to bed myself. Unfortunately, Caleb woke me up at 2:30 am with a stuffy nose. He couldn't keep his paci in and breathe, so therefore he couldn't sleep. I ended up rocking him in the recliner the rest of the night. We slept a little off and on, but not nearly enough! When we got to work this morning, his cold had gotten worse. He sneezed constantly and I kept having to wipe his poor little nose. It's miserable having a cold during the summer. As soon as he saw Daddy this morning his little face just lit up! That's the longest Ryan has ever been away from him and Caleb just didn't understand. I bet there will be lots of snuggling at bedtime tonight!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We decided to celebrate Father's Day all weekend since we have so many family members who are awesome daddies! Ryan, Caleb, and I loaded up to go to Tellico on Friday. This was our first trip in the new SUV and it was amazing. Ryan and I couldn't stop talking about how comfortable it was and how much we just love it. I found out that it is wonderful at hiding presents! I was able to sneak Ryan's gifts into the back storage compartments and he never had a clue!

When we arrived, Ryan began to unload everything and bring it into the camper. While he was out, I slipped a new fishing vest on Caleb and just waited....

Finally Daddy walked in....

I'm so glad they got to share this moment:

My brother and his family came to Tellico this weekend too, so it was extra special for all of us!
Tara had Zoey dressed in the cutest, girliest outfit!

Debbie and Caleb sat on the swing for a little bit and I was able to get some great pictures of the two of them! She loves Caleb so dearly!

Since Caleb has surprised us with saying "Mama" we got the opprotunity to catch it on video!

He said it several times this weekend! He has also started calling my mom "Giggy" so that may just be what he calls her.

Caleb got a bath in the camper and finally wore himself out! He slept all the way home!

On Sunday, Ryan and I spent some time together in the afternoon. We went to the mall and looked for a Tennessee Volunteers tag for my car. They didn't have the one I was wanted, so I will wait a little longer. I don't want anything shiny or silly looking on my car. I would love to find one of the metal ones with a simple "T" and the license frame to match for the back plate. I'm getting the UT license plate for the car when I go to register it, so everything will all match!

Sunday evening we had pizza with Ryan's parents and talked for a bit. It was such a nice way to end our weekend. I forgot to bring my camera, so I didn't get pictures then!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

His First Word

Caleb finally said his first word loud and clear last night! His granny came over to help finish his nursery. She used her Cricut to cut out boats, a life ring, and his name to put on his walls. We have been waiting quite a while to get the opportunity to do this!

I sat Caleb in his crib so he could see us and he played for a few minutes. He looked up at me, smiled, and said, "Mama!" Of course it was so awesome that I went and picked him up immediately to kiss all over him! He's my little angel and it melts my heart to know that he said "Mama"! It's a feeling I know will never get old.

He has really become a mommy's boy lately. I read that he's going through the whole seperation anxiety phase. If I leave the room, he pitches a fit. If I don't put him to bed, it's a nightmare! This stage should pass soon according to my baby books. It's still nice to know that he wants me around so much! I think it's the sweetest thing when he reaches for me.

Mom and I still have a few things to put on his walls, but I will post pictures as soon as we are done. I'm really excited about putting the final touches on everything!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wish List...

I'm starting a wish list for Caleb. I find really neat websites sometimes and think, "Oh! I want to get that for Caleb when such and such happens!" Then I usually forget and that's the end of it. Caleb and I are on a frog kick right now. I have decided that I want to decorate by guest bathroom in frogs since that's the bathroom Caleb is using now. I plan to paint the walls a dark chocolate brown and use my Cricut to cut vinyl frogs out for the walls. Now, all I need is the shower curtain, bath mat, toothbrush holder, and trash can. I want to get my mom to embroider some bath towels to put in there as well. I'm going to use my blog today to save my ideas and show you what I have in mind....

I stumbled across The Frog Store and found the cutest little frog coat! I'm definitely getting Caleb one for this winter!

I've already found the perfect bath collection at Sears.

Tell me this isn't the cutest bath set ever:

So, for now these are my ideas....

My Mommy Mobile

I have embraced the fact that I broke down and got a family car.

Goodbye, beautiful little red sportscar that brought me happiness.
(Where was I going to put a kid in this thing???)

Goodbye, ugly boring Saturn Vue that has no options, no power, and no comfort!

( many of these things are on the road???)

 Hello, big gorgeous Honda Pilot that makes me wanna be a Football/Little League/Soccer mom!

If you cannot already tell, I absolutely LOVE my new car!!!

I have patiently waited for my Pontiac Solstice to finally loose some negative equity and pay down on my loan. I had my car for three wonderful years and decided it was time to trade her in. My husband and I had our fun in it, took some great road trips, and grew up in the process. It doesn't even have room for my big luggage, let alone three children and all the things that travel with them! We also decided to finally trade in the Saturn Vue as well. I absolutely hate the thing because it is bare bones boring! Sure, it got us around town and served it's purpose, but that was all it could do! As you can tell by my little red car, I like to have nice things and stand out a little. This car did not meet that need!

My uncle, Joe, used to work for a large car dealership in Rome, Georgia. I found my 2011 Honda Pilot online over the weekend and knew I had to have it. When I showed Joe the picture on Monday, I found out it had sold. My heart was just broken! He called the dealership and they said they had just gotten one in that was much nicer than the one I was looking at. We worked out the details and headed to Rome! Poor Joe drove the Vue (which he laughed at every time he got the chance) and Ryan and I loaded up in the Solstice.

We started talking about all of the great trips we had taken in the little car and agreed we'd both kind of miss it a little. Then I started to realize how far we have come in our life together. When I bought that little sportscar, I was single and looking to rebel a little. I had no intention of having anyone but myself enjoying that car. It was all mine and I was going to enjoy the single life! Little did I know that God had greater plans for me! I believe the Lord still laughs at my foolish plans then!

Not only did I find the man of my dreams, but he came with two small children and a dog. Nowhere in my plans did I account for that many people in my life. So, God added one more just for good measure! Ryan and I had a problem. When my stepchildren visit, where are we going to put everyone??? We knew that putting Caleb in his infant car seat would squish Bryce and Madison in their booster seats in the little Vue. We would not have happy children at all. So, we prayed....

We found ourselves in the little car headed to Rome.

When they brought the Honda to us, I just knew I was in Heaven! Leather, heated seats...sunroof...third row seating....oh, yeah! I was sold! The storage was beyond wonderful and I love all of the options! And the funniest thing to me, it was a much cheaper payment than what I was paying for my little car! So, not only did I get an awesome new car, but I got a cheaper payment too! The Solstice did okay in the trade, but the Vue did not. But, atleast I don't have to worry about selling the dang thing now!

Here's the front:

Here's the rear:

My technologically advanced dash!
And the seats:

Boogie's Place with his new Baby Einstein car toy:

We are definitely happier!

You may wonder why I turned all of this into such a big post, but I wanted to show just how thankful we are. We have been making two hefty car payments for quite a while and getting out from under them is such a blessing. This will give us a little breathing room during the slow winter hours at the marina. This is also the first major purchase my husband and I have made together. It's a step in the right direction for us and our family. We both chose cars before we were married and they just never fit together right. I prayed day after day for God's guidance and He has blessed us tremendously in this situation.

Friday, June 11, 2010

You Will Never Believe The Guys I Live With!

Finally Friday! This week has been chaotic from the start. Ryan and I looked at each other this morning and said in disbelief, "I can't believe this week is gone!" This was my week to get ahead at work. I worked my butt off to reorganize both offices, clean them, and get ahead on some projects.

Caleb is still trying to get his first tooth to come in. This has been a long battle and I really thought we'd see it break through this week. That poor child is chewing his mattress, mommy, and hands like crazy! Bathtime has been entertaining at our house this week! Ryan has pitched in to help out several times and him and Caleb have a good time.

Yeah, I live with two hilarious guys!

So we're exhausted, but really looking forward to some family time this weekend. House is clean, work is done, Tellico, here we come!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Evening Routine

As some of you know, Caleb is pretty much on a schedule. I've found that he does really well with it. He knows exactly what to expect and there are no unexpected surprises. When bedtime comes, he knows that it's time to go to sleep and doesn't fight me about it. Since I am a person that thrives on schedules, we work very well together in the evenings!

Around 7:00, Caleb and I have bathtime. He gets to let go of any energy he has left and relax a little. The Johnson and Johnson lavendar bathwash is Heaven! It calms his little butt right down! I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but he is now taking baths in a regular tub. He seems to be getting the hang of it now!

We have a little tub seat, but it really gets in the way when I try to bathe him. He's scared to death to be out of it, so I've taken a couple of baths with him and he is doing a lot better. Tonight I think I will try it with him just sitting in the tub. We'll see how that goes.....

Then Caleb gets rubbed down with lavendar baby lotion, ears cleaned, and nails clipped. He usually tolerates me doing this to him and babbles the WHOLE time! Then, he eats one last time before bed.

Ryan and I put him to bed in his room. Ryan usually reads a book to him right before we leave the room.

We turn on his projection/music player thing and turn the lights off. It usually takes about five to ten minutes for him to fall asleep. He literally talks himself to sleep!

People have asked me if I did sleep training with Caleb and I did not. I don't believe in letting children cry themselves to sleep. The schedule is what really made bedtime easy. Caleb has time to unwind and prepare for bedtime. He sleeps through the night and usually wakes up around 6:30 am.

So, that's what we do and so far we're having a lot of success!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jump! Jump!

Yeah, that was pretty much all Caleb did this weekend in Tellico! Between the families, he has four jumping toys! This weekend, Mom got him and Zoey a jumping toy for Tellico.
It immediately gained his approval!
It looks like a pony and makes horse noises when he jumps! Too cute!

We're still trying to learn how to crawl. He's getting so close!

Granny found Caleb a Tennessee football! He loved it! That's our future quarterback! Since he's cutting a tooth right now, he rubs his mouth across the ball constantly!

After jumping like a little frog, trying to get mobile, and playing football....he finally wore himself out!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Question Friday!

Here's my Five Question Friday! Please visit My Little Life to enter yours!

1. If you could go back to college would you change your major? Or, if you were to go to college right now...what major would you choose?

  I would definitely change my major! I don't use it now and I really can't see myself doing so. I majored in Early Childhood Education so I could become a school teacher. I learned later on that I get way too attached to young children. I worked with inner city schools throughout college and when I witnessed a child being mistreated at home, I couldn't stand it. I saw children sent to school in 20 degree weather with a thin shirt and jeans on, no coat. I saw one teacher giving a child her breakfast because the child's mother sent her to school hungry AGAIN. I speak what's on my mind and that would definitely get me in trouble where little people are involved. I would be the teacher calling the parents out on their crap!
   If I went back to college, I would probably major in business management or something to do with the medical field. Business management is practical and always helpful. When I first started college, I set out to go Pre-Med and eventually go to medical school. I changed my major right after my brother had a bad motorcycle accident and was in the hospital! I think I would make a good pediatric nurse or something along those lines!

2. What do you love most about your home?
     I absolutely love all of the space! Ryan and I are very fortunate to have a four bedroom home close to work at such a young age. We have worked very hard on making improvements and making it feel like a home. Right now I am really loving my living room because I have almost finished redecorating.

3. What types of books do you like to read (if you like to read at all)?
    I love to read and I actually collect cookbooks. I probably have about 60 now and am quickly running out of room for them. Ryan keeps promising me a book shelf!

4. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?
      Squid. I really cannot stand the texture of it.

5. If you HAD to be a character on a TV show, whom would you be?
      I just asked my hubby this question about myself and he said, "Hillary from Fresh Prince of Bel Air! I'm just kidding....!"  So, there you have it. He wants to nicely say I'm a spoiled, entitled brat. Thanks, dear!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Boat Ride

My family practically lives on the water! My dad, brother, husband, and I all work together at Island Cove Marina. Dad started working at the marina about 18 years ago, I just reached my ten year anniversary, Brian has been here for seven years, and hubby comes in last with about three years! All together, we have about 38 years of experience in the marina industry. We proudly have two boat captains, one Mercury certified service manager, and two Mercury certified boat technicians in the family. Naturally, we all want Caleb and Zoey to grow up around the marina and on the water. I have been begging to take them out of their first boat ride and something always comes up. It's difficult to plan something with six really busy adults and two itty bitty babies!

Last night, we finally got our chance!!! We put Caleb and Zoey in their life jackets and took off to a restaurant on the river, Ari's at Harbor Lights.

Caleb putting his life jacket on. His little outfit says "Catch of the Day!"

Mommy and Caleb ready to go for a ride....

Our happy family!

Miss Zoey's boating debut....

A proud Granddaddy shares his hobby with his grandbabies!

Granny showed Caleb the water, but I think he was more interested in her!

Me and my sister-in-law!

This is one proud daddy!

My little boat captain in the making....

Crazy in love....
We pulled up to the dock and ate at our favorite restaurant. Ryan and I split an appetizer of mussels which were absolutely Heavenly! Since I was holding Caleb at first, Ryan had to feed them to me and it was really sweet! Then we split one pound of Ari's amazing buffalo shrimp. This is literally something you could eat and eat until you make yourself sick! I really need his recipe! The babies were so good the entire meal. Caleb played in the high chair and Zoey kicked back in her car seat. They stole everyone's hearts in the restaurant and were eating up the attention!
When we got back on the boat, we were all full and worn completely out!

When we got home, Boogie crashed in his crib:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Blast From The Past!

When Ryan and I dropped off Caleb at daycare this morning, the lady who watches him asked about some of the older pictures I have posted on my MySpace page. I enjoy looking back at old pictures and see how much things have changed! Just thought I would show you my life a few years ago when I started dating Ryan and how our relationship progressed....

This is yours truly in Panama City, Florida right before I started dating Ryan....

This is our first picture together at Rock City Garden of Lights, right before Christmas.

We moved into our little house in 2007 and started making it a home....

I also bonded with my future stepchildren, Bryce and Madison....

One amazing night in March of 2008, Ryan proposed to me. He cooked me dinner, bought me flowers, and got down on one knee. My ring is absolutely gorgeous, by the way....

Then on August 1, 2008, Ryan and I got married on a 70' houseboat! It was a small wedding with just our families. We decorated in purple and yellow....

My Aunt Debbie made our wedding cake....

Our sunset wedding cruise.....

So, then there were four of us.....
Ryan and I waited awhile and got the feel for the whole new family thing. Life involved going to Tellico on the weekends and spending as much time together as possible.
January 2009 brought a lot of change for us. Ryan and I decided to start a family together...
In March of 2009, this is what we got:

Our soon-to-be little Caleb!
And that is how we built our family of five over the last few years....


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