Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We decided to celebrate Father's Day all weekend since we have so many family members who are awesome daddies! Ryan, Caleb, and I loaded up to go to Tellico on Friday. This was our first trip in the new SUV and it was amazing. Ryan and I couldn't stop talking about how comfortable it was and how much we just love it. I found out that it is wonderful at hiding presents! I was able to sneak Ryan's gifts into the back storage compartments and he never had a clue!

When we arrived, Ryan began to unload everything and bring it into the camper. While he was out, I slipped a new fishing vest on Caleb and just waited....

Finally Daddy walked in....

I'm so glad they got to share this moment:

My brother and his family came to Tellico this weekend too, so it was extra special for all of us!
Tara had Zoey dressed in the cutest, girliest outfit!

Debbie and Caleb sat on the swing for a little bit and I was able to get some great pictures of the two of them! She loves Caleb so dearly!

Since Caleb has surprised us with saying "Mama" we got the opprotunity to catch it on video!

He said it several times this weekend! He has also started calling my mom "Giggy" so that may just be what he calls her.

Caleb got a bath in the camper and finally wore himself out! He slept all the way home!

On Sunday, Ryan and I spent some time together in the afternoon. We went to the mall and looked for a Tennessee Volunteers tag for my car. They didn't have the one I was wanted, so I will wait a little longer. I don't want anything shiny or silly looking on my car. I would love to find one of the metal ones with a simple "T" and the license frame to match for the back plate. I'm getting the UT license plate for the car when I go to register it, so everything will all match!

Sunday evening we had pizza with Ryan's parents and talked for a bit. It was such a nice way to end our weekend. I forgot to bring my camera, so I didn't get pictures then!


  1. What a cute idea of putting the vest on your son! How special. Glad your hubby had a great Father's Day.

  2. what an awesome fathers day weekend! i love the way you gave your hubs the fishing vest - so creative and so super cute!!!



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