Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Boat Ride

My family practically lives on the water! My dad, brother, husband, and I all work together at Island Cove Marina. Dad started working at the marina about 18 years ago, I just reached my ten year anniversary, Brian has been here for seven years, and hubby comes in last with about three years! All together, we have about 38 years of experience in the marina industry. We proudly have two boat captains, one Mercury certified service manager, and two Mercury certified boat technicians in the family. Naturally, we all want Caleb and Zoey to grow up around the marina and on the water. I have been begging to take them out of their first boat ride and something always comes up. It's difficult to plan something with six really busy adults and two itty bitty babies!

Last night, we finally got our chance!!! We put Caleb and Zoey in their life jackets and took off to a restaurant on the river, Ari's at Harbor Lights.

Caleb putting his life jacket on. His little outfit says "Catch of the Day!"

Mommy and Caleb ready to go for a ride....

Our happy family!

Miss Zoey's boating debut....

A proud Granddaddy shares his hobby with his grandbabies!

Granny showed Caleb the water, but I think he was more interested in her!

Me and my sister-in-law!

This is one proud daddy!

My little boat captain in the making....

Crazy in love....
We pulled up to the dock and ate at our favorite restaurant. Ryan and I split an appetizer of mussels which were absolutely Heavenly! Since I was holding Caleb at first, Ryan had to feed them to me and it was really sweet! Then we split one pound of Ari's amazing buffalo shrimp. This is literally something you could eat and eat until you make yourself sick! I really need his recipe! The babies were so good the entire meal. Caleb played in the high chair and Zoey kicked back in her car seat. They stole everyone's hearts in the restaurant and were eating up the attention!
When we got back on the boat, we were all full and worn completely out!

When we got home, Boogie crashed in his crib:

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  1. Caleb is adorable! Thank you for following my blog!



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