Thursday, June 17, 2010

His First Word

Caleb finally said his first word loud and clear last night! His granny came over to help finish his nursery. She used her Cricut to cut out boats, a life ring, and his name to put on his walls. We have been waiting quite a while to get the opportunity to do this!

I sat Caleb in his crib so he could see us and he played for a few minutes. He looked up at me, smiled, and said, "Mama!" Of course it was so awesome that I went and picked him up immediately to kiss all over him! He's my little angel and it melts my heart to know that he said "Mama"! It's a feeling I know will never get old.

He has really become a mommy's boy lately. I read that he's going through the whole seperation anxiety phase. If I leave the room, he pitches a fit. If I don't put him to bed, it's a nightmare! This stage should pass soon according to my baby books. It's still nice to know that he wants me around so much! I think it's the sweetest thing when he reaches for me.

Mom and I still have a few things to put on his walls, but I will post pictures as soon as we are done. I'm really excited about putting the final touches on everything!


  1. Isn't it such an awesome feeling hearing that word? You'll never ever grow tired of it either!

  2. It really was amazing! It's crazy how much I love that little boy!

  3. Too awesome. He knows who's boss. lol.



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