Monday, July 5, 2010

Caleb's First Independence Day!

When I left work yesterday, I went to my in-laws' house for a big steak dinner! It was soooo good! Caleb tried his best to crawl and ended up taking a nose dive. I am so not prepared for all of that. My poor angel has a little bruise on the side of his face. Ryan laughs at me and says it's just beginning, but my heart has already had too much! I've seen him fall on his face twice and that is more than enough! I honestly believe my baby will be crawling this week. We tried so hard to get him going, but his little feet are still getting tangled up.

When his puppy was out of his reach, he lost interest!

Daddy got in the floor and that still didn't work!

Mommy and Caleb got a quick picture!

Then he tried to snuggle a little!

Ryan, Caleb, and I went to Collegedale with my in-laws and some of their church friends. We set our blanket down and prepared to watch the fireworks. I was so excited that Caleb was going to see his first fireworks! He flirted with all the ladies and was such a little ham. Caleb had so much energy and I just knew he'd be excited to see the fireworks!

Bouncing on Pappy = A Favorite Way to Pass the Time!

Then he spent some time snuggling with Nana...

And a lot of playing with Daddy...

I just love my hubby!

It started to get dark and Caleb started slowing down. Five minutes before the fireworks started, he fell asleep. I thought surely he would wake up as soon as they started, but this is what happened:

Sound asleep, even through the finale! He missed the whole dang thing!

When I picked him up and put him in the stroller, he stayed asleep!

He was absolutely exhausted!

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July and stayed safe! Maybe next year Caleb will enjoy the fireworks!

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  1. Oh how sweet! My littlw cousins were afraid of fireworks until age 2 or 3. Thank you for the encouragement on my blog. It means a lot!



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