Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clean House Episodes = My Guilt Pleasure!

Okay, as I looked back over my blog I noticed that the last few posts are a little too serious for my liking! So, why don't we pick it up a little bit?

In my quest to finally finish my laundry room this decade, I have found a great organization and storage website! Imagine me in all of my OCD happiness!!! Just check out Organize It if you think I've lost my mind! If I had a thousand dollars to spend all for myself, this is more than likely where I would go! As I sit here, my mind wonders what it would be like to be so stinkin' organized with little racks and gadgets that make everything easier!

Speaking of making life around the house more organized and clean, have any of you been to Fly Lady? If your house looks like something that stepped right out of a before portion of an episode of Clean House, then this is absolutely for you! Go from this:

To this:

And who doesn't love Niecy's attitude? Not only is she witty, but she will flat out tell you how it is!

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