Sunday, July 4, 2010

Granny and Caleb's Week

The lady who normally keeps Caleb while Ryan and I are at work went on vacation this past week. While we have all missed her, Caleb got the chance to spend the whole week with my mom! Not only was he spoiled absolutely rotten, but he got a chance for some one on one time with his granny. Caleb had a bad cold this week and on Monday Granny got to see the worst of it. She babied him, rocked him, and loved on him....snotty nose and all! That was exactly what the doctor the end of the week Caleb was all smiles again and only partly snotty!

I'm so grateful that my mom is able to spend so much time with Caleb. She is naturally good with little ones and loves being a grandmother. Her and Caleb sit and "talk" a lot, she takes him outside and shows him all kinds of things, and works on teaching him where his nose is...which he can point to sometimes now! He is so blessed to have her in his life and he lights up when he sees his "Giggy".

Tellico was great this past weekend. Ryan, Dad, Brian, and Trevor went fishing and caught quite a few fish!
Caleb and Granny hung out on the swing a lot!

Caleb is so very close to crawling. He's leaning forward and rocking a little now. We expect him to take off any day now!

My little angel wore himself out trying to crawl!

He napped with his mommy and then napped with his granddaddy!
What a sweet little thing!

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