Monday, July 12, 2010

Sickly Weekend

So, I've had double ear infections that antibiotics will just not knock out for the past couple of weeks. I've always had problems with my ears and this is pretty routine for me anymore. I've decided that if this round of medicine doesn't work, I am scheduling an appointment with an ENT. I believe this is going to take some more serious measures.

On our way home from Tellico Saturday night, Ryan started feeling like he had a cold coming on. Sure enough, when we finally crawled into bed that night he was sniffling and sneezing like crazy. Needless to say he was up most of the night.

Sunday morning, Ryan felt even worse. I got up and started getting ready for work. My left ear felt like it was going to burst and I felt dizzy. So, we decided to keep our butts on the couch. Caleb was fairly calm and snuggly yesterday, so it worked out perfectly. He sat in the recliner with me and took a nap and was such a sweetie!

I felt so bad that I didn't put my contacts in until the morning was about over!
We took a couple of pictures and finally fell asleep....

Daddy took this one....

When Caleb woke up, it was definitely time to play!

Mommy decided to try to get a picture of the first tooth and this is what happened:

You guessed it! I didn't get a thing!

I made up for making him pitch a fit! And he was much better...

Look how tall he is at eight months!
This is his new "thing" - standing up!

Poor Daddy can't snuggle Caleb.....

This little puppy has to be the most ANNOYING toy on the face of the planet!!!
Not only does it name body parts, say the ABC's, and count, but it also does nursery rhymes.
Normally I would say it is too precious and very educational, but Caleb LOVES this thing. Daddy just so happened to show it to him the last time we were in Babies R Us and Caleb pitched a fit for it when we put in back on the shelf. This pup is loud, has VERY sensitive buttons, and has a very agitating voice.
Lucky for us, it's Caleb's favorite toy right now.....

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