Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sometimes you got to hurt something to help something...

I know all about that by now! Remember how I declared that I would visit an ENT if my ears didn't get any better? Ryan has been urging me to see a specialist because I always get ear infections. Friday I had an appointment with an ENT one of my coworkers really likes and goes to. The whole time I thought, "This will finally solve my problems and I won't have to hurt anymore!" Boy, was I wrong!

On Friday I went into the doctor's office and was led back into a room. A nurse began asking me many questions about my they often do they hurt....are you dizzy....yeah, I answered everything and thought, "I'm finally going to get some relief! I'm on the right track now." The nurse informed me that I would need to do a hearing test, so I was led to a soundproof room with lots of equipment by another lady. I took the hearing test and became hopeful that I would finally have some answers. No one had ever taken the time to ask all of the questions and do all of these tests when I have had so many ear problems as an adult.

I was led into yet another room and the doctor finally came in. He looked in my ears and looked up my nose. He asked me, "Can you breathe?"  I thought for a second and breathed in through my nose to just make sure and said, "Yes." He said it was quite amazing as the inside of my nasal cavity on one side was pretty bent. Um, excuse me??? Bent? How many times had I been to a doctor with a cold or whatever and no one had ever mentioned this to me? I've never broken my nose. It doesn't look bent. The doctor informed me that he couldn't believe I could breathe and said if I could there was no sense in messing with it. As I was pondering this new information, the doctor also mentioned that I need tubes in my ears. He said it would fix my problems and give me a lot of relief. He said he had an opening that afternoon and could go ahead and do the proceedure. I was so stinkin' happy! How awesome would it be to be solved in one afternoon?

I was lead into a proceedure room where another nurse began prepping me. She said I would feel some stinging as my ear drum was numbed and then it wouldn't take but five minutes to put them in. No big deal! The doctor came in and put this piece in my ear. It became a little uncomfortable because my ears were so sore from hurting. I should have known that when the nurse put her hand on my shoulder something wasn't going to feel right. The doctor said I would feel some pain and to let him know when the stinging stopped.

Oh, my ....................... Owwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What in the world did he put down my ear? Acid????? My whole body tensed and the wait seemed like forver. Then it stopped. Then I could feel the pressure of the doctor literally cutting a hole IN MY EAR DRUM for the tube. No, it didn't hurt, but I could just visualize my poor ear drum being punctured. It didn't take long, but then it was time for the other ear. Excrutiating pain and suffering because I knew what was coming this time and it made it worse.

When I stood up, the doctor gave me some care instructions and said it was nice to meet me. Sorry, buddy, but I can't say the same! Dad was going to drop Ryan off so he could drive me home. I hobbled to my car and climbed in the passenger side to wait. My head felt like it could explode! I would much rather endure twenty-one hours of labor and a C-Section again instead of that terrible pain! Seriously, I hurt worse than any contraction I ever felt while having Caleb. Dad went the wrong way and took forever to get to the doctor's office. I was just in tears by the time they got there. Ryan slowly drove me home. He stopped to get a Mocha Frappe from McDonald's to help me feel better. It did help a little. I got home and finally got some pain medicine in my system and was able to rest.

Today, my ears are still a little sore and feel like there's a lot of pressure. I feel like they need to pop, but am afraid to make them. I don't want to hurt more! It can take about a week for them to heal and I have to go back in six weeks to make sure they are placed correctly. Um, if they aren't then that's just too darn bad. I am not doing that again. I think I would rather just have the ear infections. I'm a weenie when it comes to pain, so they can just forget doing anything else to my poor ears!

At this point, all I want to do is lie down and rest. Ryan has been great to me this weekend. Not only has he taken care of me, but also taken care of Caleb. I think Caleb sensed I didn't feel well because he snuggled up to me quite a bit in the recliner. I am so lucky to have such great guys!

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