Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday with the Del Signore's

I have a lot to be thankful for this week!

- I am so blessed to have a wonderful family to stand by me and guide me in the right direction!
- I am thankful to finally have one coat of paint on my laundry room walls this week!!!
- Ryan is thankful to be over his rotten cold!
- I am thankful that Caleb and I got a full night's sleep last night. Since he's been feeling icky, we have had a rough time lately!
- I am thankful for all of the cute outfits my mom got Caleb this week. We've got to start on his fall and winter clothes now!
- I am thankful for the beautiful picture frames mom got me for my living room. Now I get to add the awesome pictures I have!
- We are so thankful that a court date for Ryan's adjustment to the parenting plan as been set for the middle of August! Finally an end in sight!

Above all of this, I am thankful to have had the time to be with Caleb through his "I'm clinging to Mommy" phase. As I rocked him to sleep last night, I thanked God for sending us an angel. I feel as though Caleb has brought me closer to the Lord. Caleb's peaceful innocence is a constant reminder of how great our God is. He creates the most beautiful lives and blesses us with so much happiness. I never understood how strong love could be until He placed Caleb in my life. In return I saw a glimpse of God's love for us and I am thoroughly amazed!

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