Sunday, August 22, 2010

119 Pictures Later....

Ryan tends to make fun of my photography obsession, especially when it comes to our kids. I'm always looking for that one special shot or just a way to remember exactly how much fun we had. I have a desire to make massive scrapbooks! Since Friday evening I have taken one hundred and nineteen pictures with my digital camera! So, here is our weekend recap with LOTS of pictures!!!

We loaded into the car on Friday evening and took off for Tellico....

Three Excited and Happy Children Ready to Go!!!

We were greeted by my parents and little Miss Zoey on Dad's new golf cart.
He bought this thing for Tellico. I can already tell it's going to be a huge hit in our Tellico community!
Bryce and Madison absolutely loved riding and driving it....

Zoey: "Hey, dude, I can crawl like no body's business!"
Caleb: "Girl, that is so last week's news..."

Yes, my beautiful little princess is now crawling!!!
We're planning on racing them one weekend. I've heard Zoey is really fast!

My prediction was right!
Zoey and Madison really hit it off!
Zoey would babble at Madison and just smile sweetly.
I told Madison they were having Zoey's first "girl talk"!

Caleb was dancing with his Granny....
He loves to stand up....

No Tellico trip would be complete without loving on Granddaddy....
You can tell they are going to be buddies for life!

Daddy took Madison and Bryce fishing at the pond on Saturday.
No one seemed to be catching anything and we had no luck either.
The weather here seems to be too much on the trout and they have been dying from the heat.

Caleb was content eating his fruit pieces....

The kids begged me for a golf cart ride!
Caleb, Madison, and Bryce all took turns driving.
That experience shall not be discussed right now, but as you can see I made it back in one piece!

When they couldn't talk Daddy and me into going again, they convinced my parents it would be a good idea!

When we got home, we surprised the kids with a trip to Lake Winnie.
We met Ryan's parents and had a great time!
I convinced Bryce and Madison to ride their first grown up roller coaster.
Madison sat next to me and kept her arms held in the air for a lot of the ride.
When we got done, I asked her if she loved it and she said yes!
I asked Bryce and he said he hated it, but smiled the whole time...
Caleb got to ride a few things and had a blast....
The first ride I took him on was Dumbo. I can remember riding it for the first time when I was itty bitty!

I sat out with Caleb during the bumper cars, but I really enjoyed watching my family knock the crap out of each other....

When we brought the kids to Lake Winnie last year, I was still pregnant with Caleb.
It's amazing to see how much a year can change things!

Daddy, Caleb and Mommy on the carousel for the first time!
He loved the horses!
Daddy and I, on the other hand, pretty much cannot handle going around in circles like that.
We both agreed we were nauseous!

On Sunday morning, I decided to make everyone baby pancakes.

Since it's a special week with Bryce and Madison being here, we have pretty much let them have fun with their food choices. Ryan and I make pretty cool parents!
Chocolate drizzled baby pancakes with fruit has to be one of the best breakfasts I have ever made:

This kids chowed down on these!
It's so good to see them eat a lot because it's unusual.
They get so excited about doing stuff that they don't take the time to eat much.
Needless to say, all plates were cleaned this morning!
I sooooo rock at being a mommy!

So, there's part of our weekend. I will finish the rest as soon as my batteries in my camera recharge and I get more pictures!!!

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  1. Wow...what great pictures!! Gotta love making those memories!!

    And, thank you for the blog comment :-) It, literally, makes me sick to my stomach that people don't seem to believe in love anymore. It's what drives us; it's what comforts us. After nearly a decade together, we still get butterflies at the thought of each other. People shouldn't discount that! Glad you seem to feel the same!

    Love learning about your family through the blog! Have a great day!



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