Monday, August 23, 2010


I don't like sudden, unexpected changes. There. I said it.

I have OCD tendencies and it really overloads my system when things rapidly change course. I spend a large amount of my time organizing and planning things out. I need things to flow smoothly. At any given time, there are multiple lists surrounding me. There's the "Today's To Do" list, the grocery list, the budget, the cleaning list, and it just goes on from there. Then throw my desk calendar with all of our schedules on it and I'm prepared for the week. Sure, it may take some time to stay that organized, but I really don't mind it. I find there's a certain amount of harmony and calmness that comes with all of my lists.

Ryan knows this about me. He doesn't particularly understand it, but he knows that is how I function. There are times that I just know God is laughing at me and my little plans! He has surely shown his humor this week. We had no idea until the day before that Ryan's children would be joining us this past week. I had to start a new grocery list.....I had to clean the guest room and put on fresh sheets....I had to find childcare at the last moment. For an OCD girl, that equals almost pure panic! I thought this would get easier when Caleb came into our lives, but dang it even he likes my scheduling! I do have to commend my husband and his efforts this week. Not only has he been the "take charge" half of us, but he has smoothed the transition for me. Caleb and I live by the schedule and Ryan is definitely more laid back. Thank Heavens for that! Atleast one of us can chill a little. He seems to even me out a bit....

While there has been chaos in our home, it is amazingly enjoyable. When we settled down for a movie last night, I looked around my living room. One kid in the recliner, one in the glider, a hubby sprawled out on the couch, my angel snuggled up in between comfortable and natural feeling. No drama....just relaxed like we've been doing the same thing together for years. No lists or planning required!

Two young children who have never been taught to clean up after themselves were thrown into an OCD environment. Maybe we're good for each other? Maybe they help me let loose a little and maybe I instill my organization in them some. I haven't minded being unorganized like I thought I would. It's fun not knowing what we're going to do in the evenings. I like the spur of the moment plans! It's exciting for not only me, but for the kids as well. They love all of the surprises from me and Daddy. If it makes their stay happier, I'm all for it!

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