Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm a Slacker!

So, it has been a few days since I have posted anything, but I promise it's for a very good reason! We have been so busy and I just have not had time to stop! This past Friday Tara, Zoey, Caleb, and I hit the mall for a much needed shopping trip! It's been a while since I could enjoy looking around and taking my time at the mall. If Ryan goes I feel like I am boring him and I don't really get a chance to look at anything. Tara, on the other hand, is an awesome shopping buddy! Not only do we like similar things, but she was so glad to be out of the house that she took her time with everything. I can really see us becoming great friends as time goes on. My brother picked a great lady!

At 1:00 am on Saturday, Caleb decided he wanted to be fussy. I have no idea what got into that child, but he wanted to sleep right next to me in the recliner. So he and I snuggled up and tried to get some rest. When he woke up, he decided he still didn't want to be in a good mood unless he was in my arms. Try baking an angel food cake, getting ready, and getting him presentable with one arm! We did manage to arrive at my Aunt Dianne's house only five minutes late! My family got together for a brunch so Caleb and Zoey could meet their great-great aunt! I have thought several times since Caleb was born about how much I wish my granny could have seen Caleb and Zoey. Seeing my great aunt this weekend brought me the closest to that wish. It was such a blessing to have so many generations there!
Caleb and his great uncle, Eddie!

Caleb and his great aunt, Dianne.
He's a handful!

My happy family!

Anna and Caleb chilling in the recliner!
She loved playing with him!

Aunt Debbie with a few of her spoiled kiddos!

Four Generations of Our Family

Yep, you guessed it! My child was not cooperating!

Not only are we awesome parents, but we make a great aunt and uncle too!

I got this balancing thing down now! Thank Heavens I didn't have twins!

Caleb enjoyed being held by my cousin, Travis.
It must be because he's so tall.....

Okay, I have the most amazing family!
I'm so thankful we got to spend some time together this weekend!

On Sunday, Ryan and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary! When Ryan's parents picked Caleb up, we decided to hit the road and go to Sevierville, which is just about Knoxville. It was about a two hour drive for us. We visited the Bass Pro Shop and stopped by the super huge flea market. Ryan picked me out five new cookbooks this weekend and gave them to me! He definitely knows the way to my heart! Then he took me across the road to The Chop House for an amazing prime rib! It was wonderful! Ryan actually got a steak he couldn't finish: 16 ounces! Those of you that know my hubby, know he can put down a LOT of food! This was really surprising that he couldn't finish the meal! I guess we're just going to blame it on the heat, or something!
Here's us on our two year anniversary:

May the Lord bless us with many more years to celebrate anniversaries together!

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