Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Have you ever encountered someone that has just shaken your soul? Something about somone is so absolutely remarkable that you just have to admire them. I have found two of those people today. I stumbled across a blog that made me take a step back and examine my own life. I would like you to meet Benson and Kristin at The Sexton 3. Their newborn son has recently been taken to Heaven. Even though it is human nature to wonder why and be angry through the grief of loosing a child, they have grown closer to God. Not only have they prayed and asked for God's help, but they took the time to praise Him and thank Him for the things He did in their lives. They are literally experiencing every parents' worst nightmare, but have chosen to lean on the Lord and trust Him to bring them through this pain. How many people are strong enough in their faith and relationship with God to actually do this? When you read their story, you sit and wonder. Could you still give glory to God when the world came crashing down on you? Their purpose for blogging is to use their story to reach out and inspire others. I would have to say: Mission Accomplished! This blog stopped me right in my tracks and made me thank God for blessing my family. I wondered how I could be such a fool as to not stop and thank the Lord more times during the day. Sure, I thank Him each night as I put my angel to bed or when something really wonderful happens during the day. But that is not nearly enough!

The Sexton's testimony has made such an impact on me today. The whole time I was reading their blog, I felt a strong urge to follow their lead. It doesn’t matter whether my testimony is simple or dramatic. If Jesus is my foundation, He can use me to draw people to Himself. I hope my story can one day be something special to someone. I want to show what God has done and is doing in my life.

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