Friday, August 20, 2010

Mexican Loving Kid

Last night, my dad decided to take us all out for our favorite meal: Mexican food! In Chattanooga, we have several Amigo's Mexican Restaurants and they are out of this world good! We met Aunt Debbie in Hixson and all went to dinner. Since Caleb is eating normal foods, we were really looking forward to trying it! This is him after he had a couple of pieces of a chip:

"Chips now, Mommy!!!"

Granddaddy and Mommy shared off their plates and it was so good he looked like this!
Poor child was covered in food.
We laughed so hard at him!

After I got him all cleaned up, he saw a little girl baby about his age. My son instantly turned into Mr. Flirt:

He was all laid back in his high chair and smiling at the baby!
I don't know what I'm going to do when he gets older...
I think Daddy can handle him then!

"I'm done with the pictures, Mom!"

Three stuffed, happy kids!

Turns out all three kids love Mexican food. I think they must get that from me!

By the way, we are soooo lovin' my new mommy mobile! The kids all get their space and Bryce and Madison think it's "awesome" to ride all the way in the back! The thing Ryan and I really like is that the DVD players can plug into so many outlets throughout the car. No sharing required! This is truly a kid friendly vehicle!

Thank Heavens for our Wii Games! That has been our source of evening fun for the last few nights. Ryan and I decided that every kid needs to play the games we grew up on. Luckily, Wii has released the best game ever:

We have laughed as Bryce and Madison have gotten addicted to the game! I remember learning on our old Super NES system as a kid and how much fun it was. I'm so glad we got to share this with them!

Tonight, they get to meet my beautiful niece, Zoey! Madison is crazy about babies and can't get enough of Caleb. I think she'll be in baby bliss in just a few hours when she has two within her reach!

I believe this weekend is going to be so jam packed it will be pitiful! I'm going to need forty-seven energy drinks just to get through! Or maybe thirty Mocha Frappes from McDonald's. Those are really addictive!

I have decided to try to recreate one at home. Hubby and I are completely in LUV with them!!! Sooooo Good!

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