Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommies' Day Out

Mom, Tara, and I decided to take the kids to the Chattanooga Zoo this morning. We didn't tell anyone where we were going and just loaded up in the mommy mobile! Okay, I got three adults, two babies with their massive car seats, two children with booster seats, two strollers, and about four diaper bags (each baby had two) in my Honda. Okay, I am absolutely lovin' my car! This gives us so many more options when we go somewhere.

Here we are about to enter the exhibits:
Everyone was really excited!

We saw gorillas first and the kids were amazed they were so close!

"Mommy, are you seeing this????"

"Seriously, we weren't tapping on the glass...."

Me with my babies!

They had a little petting zoo and all the kids got to love on the goats!

Tara: "Um...I don't know if I want to go in there."
Wendy: "Well, I am..."
(I look back and she and Zoey are right behind me.)
Tara: "Wendy, that one looks like it's going to charge at me..."
Wendy: "No, I just think he wants to be petted."
Tara: "He's eating my pants!"

Yeah, Tara got eaten by a goat. She had a hole in her jeans and he clamped onto the strings!
If the goat had in fact bitten her, he would have stopped. The girl ain't got any meat on her!

My little angel's first trip to the zoo!

Of course we all had to ride the carousel!
This was one of the seats and I got Caleb to sit still for a quick picture!
How precious!

We loved the animals on this carousel!
It was all hand carved!

Zoey absolutely loved riding! She actually held on and laughed both times we rode it!
We had the best time!

I hate that Brian and Ryan had to work, but we really enjoyed going out this morning.

I had to go to the doctor this week. I have felt weak and dizzy for the last couple of weeks. The last straw was when I took a bad fall in Tellico this past weekend. Friday night, I walked out of the cabin with mine and Tara's chili in my hands. It had been raining, so everything was already slippery. I fell from the top of the porch stairs to the bottom (about five steps) and landed right on my back. I heard my spine crack, chili went all over my legs, and my butt just plain hurt! Brian helped me over to the camper while I got the chili covered clothes changed. I am so thankful I didn't have Caleb in my arms. Luckily Ryan had him the whole time. I have a bruise that completely covers one half of my butt. I have joked around about having enough padding to break my fall, but if I didn't I really think I could have broken something. If I'm not better in a week or so, my doctor wants to X-ray my spine. Anyways, I found out this week that I am really dehydrated and just so happen to be anemic. I have to start taking a prescription for it and hopefully get it all straightened out. The doctor asked me if I was feeling really run down and I answered yes. He said it's because of my iron levels being so low. No, I thought it was because I have three munchkins running wild in my home....

So, maybe in a week or so I will be feeling better and can keep up with my wild child!

Ryan promised I would receive extra love and queen treatment while I'm feeling icky!
Maybe this isn't so bad after all...
Do I have to take the prescription now???

I'm super excited today! My mom is getting Caleb his first pair of Nike's!!!
I can't wait to see them on him....
We've all predicted that Caleb will be walking by the time he's ten months old. He's getting better at balancing everyday.
I can't believe Nike has such a selection of baby boy shoes!
Check them out here!

Last night we had a huge Wii match! We set up the Wii Fit to see how flexible, balanced, and in shape they were! The hula hoop tournament was hilarious! We laughed so loud at each other that I was afraid we would wake up Caleb. Luckily, that kid sleeps through just about anything! The kids really got into the boxing and helped each other out. Madison and Bryce are so close in age that they really are best friends. Of course they have their fights, but when it comes down to it they can join together to beat any virtual guy's boxin' butt! The Wii has been awesome this week! I think this is the most we've ever played it!

I have no clue what we have planned for tonight, but I'm sure there will be laughter and silliness!

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