Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Madness!

I'm still feeling pretty HIDA scan for my gallbladder is scheduled for 6 am on Friday morning. Hopefully we will get some sort of an answer then. I'm feeling extremely nauseous and dizzy. I have noticed more pain going through my back. I never imagined I could have a problem. Little signs here and there were easily dismissed until recently. I never felt the need to see the doctor until I became dizzy. The back pain was simply excused because I thought Caleb was just really heavy. I never stopped to think of all of the symptoms adding up. What mommy has time to think about all of the weird things, aches, and pains going on in their body when they have a young child and a husband to care for? After pregnancy what is normal anyways? I guess you just get so used to feeling crappy! As of now, I'm just hoping it is my gallbladder because that's easy enough to deal with. That sucker comes right out and might not even be missed! I've known a lot of people with gallbladder disease. And my side kick at work just happened to have his removed this past Friday. Makes you wonder what in the world we're putting in our bodies to kill our organs more often....The doctor has called in some medicine to deal with the side effects until I have my HIDA scan. Maybe I will get some rest tonight!

I'm proud to say I am in wedding planning mode! I so look forward to helping my baby brother tie the knot at the end of September. I have been frantically searching for churches, invitations, and reception ideas since I was given the go ahead from my brother! Yes, he did just so happen to wait until the last minute and he doesn't really care about proper etiquette where planning deadlines are concerned. I'm praying that the church my parents got married in is available for that weekend.

Tonight we are all getting together to make plans! I'm so excited!!! Not only do I get to dress my two boys up, but I get to decorate and organize! What could be better???

Caleb's first day at his new day care is today. I have to admit that I had some really super human strength today. I only called once! And it was after lunch! I'm trying not to be one of those overprotective crazy parents. Today, I passed. Tomorrow is another day....

I'm so excited about the weather getting cooler soon! Caleb has all of these cute little clothes from Mom and Debbie and I want him to be able to wear them now! The only sad part is that there are definitely no more baby looking things. Everything is sports, preppy, or motorcycles. In a way it is really exciting to see all of the new adorable things he will be wearing, but I'm going to miss the ducks, lions, and Pooh bear stuff. Atleast Ryan's happy his son is wearing "big dude" stuff....

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