Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ooh la la!!!

I'm so excited! I have decided to throw my future sister-in-law a lingerie shower! Since she already has a beautiful home set up it wouldn't make since to throw her a regular bridal shower. I created an electronic invitation and emailed them to select friends and family members. I have so many ideas for the decorations and cannot wait to get started! Too bad I have to wait a couple of weeks! I promise to post pictures. I believe this type of shower could easily lean towards the raunchy side, but I plan on having a very romantic and elegant atmosphere.

Ryan hung a picture on the fridge this morning. One day last week, Madison drew a picture of our family for the first time. It was just too sweet not to share with you guys!

She drew Bryce, herself, Ryan, me, and Caleb (crawling, of course)!
I think I may actually scrapbook this one day.
I'm really sentimental over it and I believe it shows how the kids finally feel like we're all a family now.
It's more than any stepmom could ever dream of...

Caleb and I visited Tara and Zoey last night for our wedding planning. Mom, Debbie, Tara's mother, and Tara's stepmom were all there as well. I feel like we got quite a bit of things going and hopefully are all on the same page now! This is really the first time Caleb and Zoey got to be turned loose with each other and they were hilarious!!!
Babies everywhere at Aunt Tara's house!

"Wanna trade pacis?"

We're going to have to watch the kids about this! Caleb crawled over and snatched Zoey's paci out of her mouth. Before we knew it, she did the same to him!

Aren't they cute????

This morning Caleb decided to grab the remote from Daddy.
They were so cute about it too. Ryan would take it back and put it on the couch. Caleb would climb right back up, walk over to it while holding on, and grab it back!

Buddies even if they fight over the remote!

I will prepare you before I post the next picture.....

If you have a weak stomach and get grossed out easily, I beg you to stop now.....

My buddy, Bob, from work had surgery on his hand last week. Basically tendons grew crazy and forced his hand to shut. A doctor had to go in a cut it to release his hand and give him use of it again.....
Today I suppose was my day to help him bandage it up!
Normally I have a terribly weak stomach and can't tolerate it, but somehow I was able to just fine!
I think when it comes to the people I care about, I can usually put aside my nausea to help out!!!
This was what I got to see when I came to work this morning:

Seriously, I did warn you....
Poor Bob!

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