Monday, August 9, 2010

A Summer of Swimming

I had tried to remember my camera every time Caleb gets to go swimming, but that just doesn't always happen! As of last night, I think I finally got it! This child loves the water and just so happens to be quite fearless. You may imagine my emotions at this point.... Seriously, that kid can be thrown into the air, put on the edge of a water slide, or tugged around in his float and love every minute of it. I don't think anything scares him at this point. He climbs all over the place, falls, get right back up with two seconds of tears, and does it again. No fear....

This summer Caleb has had plenty of chances to enjoy splashing around. He and Zoey splashed in their baby pool at Granny and Granddaddy's a lot:

He's played in the Tellico River:

Floated in Granny's jacuzzi:

And played in Nana and Pappy's pool:

There's really no telling how brave he'll be next year. I have a feeling we'll all have our hands full!

Caleb and Daddy took a quick picture before going swimming on Sunday.
I just love my guys!

Mommy and Caleb barely got a picture together because he was wanting to get in the pool!

He got pretty worn out from playing with Daddy and kicking everywhere!

Caleb decided he wanted to snuggle up to Pappy before going home.
He had such a busy day with Nana and Pappy. He was asleep before we pulled out of the driveway!

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