Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I'm Lovin'

  • I'm loving the fact that my little boy is progressing so well with his development. It's amazing to see the changes in him from week to week! I'm so very proud of him.
  • I'm loving that in less than a week Ryan is going to court to get child support adjusted to a reasonable level (FINALLY) and we'll be able to put the savings into some special things.
  • I'm loving that Fall is on it's way. I know it's still miserably hot, but we're getting there. I want to be able to take Caleb outside more and enjoy it!
  • I'm loving how Ryan is making an effort to actually pick up after himself around the house. Ha! As hot as it has been I'm still pretty sure Hell has not frozen over, but it could be well on it's way....
  • I'm loving how pretty our yard is getting. Despite the unbearable weather, our knock out rose bush is doing very well and our crepe myrtles are gorgeous this year!
  • I'm loving the fact that I know so many special pregnant women right now who absolutely deserve to be mommies! I'm also looking forward to baby showers and gifts for them too! Nothing better than looking at baby stuff for a few hours....
  • I'm loving that I discovered a new TV show this week. I've heard a lot of people raving about True Blood, so I broke down and watched the first two seasons. It isn't half bad and a little on the addicting side. I do like On Demand and being able to watch several episodes at one time. I'm impatient and hate to wait week to week!
  • I'm loving the preparations I've made for Caleb's first birthday party! I found the cutest invitations and cannot wait to order them.
There's plenty of other things I'm loving, but this list will do for now! We've got a big couple of weeks ahead of us now, so please send prayers our way!

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