Thursday, September 16, 2010


Since I've had so many ear problems this year and have had such a problem with my allergies, my doctor sent me to an allergist. I've had this appointment for a while because I guess it takes some time to get in to see a good one, but Ryan took me yesterday. The nurse did an allergy test on my back first by applying little dots of the allergen on my skin. Next they injected my arm with the allergen to see what I was sensitive to. After three and a half hours of this foolishness, I found out I am allergic to most tree pollen, dogs, all kinds of mold, cockroaches, and dust mites. The plan is to introduce small amounts of the allergens into my system via injections over time to build up an immunity to the things that make me sick. My doctor believes that I will no longer be allergic by the time this is all said and done which is wonderful! We had to watch a short video about dust mites and it just completely grossed us out! It doesn't matter how clean your home is, you will NEVER get rid of them all. To me that is really disturbing news!

Despite the new information, I felt the need to go home and start scrubbing after Caleb went to bed!

Since we're getting off from work at 5 in the evenings now, we've had more time to spend with Caleb. He was such an angel last night! Ryan went to pick him up from daycare and I fixed a quick dinner. Caleb just now started putting the spoon in his mouth to eat if I hand it to him! He looks like such a big boy during dinner and actually got it all in his mouth!

After dinner and a bath, we had time to let him play outside some.
His favorite thing to do is get in the driver's seat of a car and "drive"!

What a face!

We let him discover the pumpkin on the front porch.
I don't think he knew exactly what to do with it....

I love this face!

I wanted to share my favorite cleaning products with you....
I go through a lot of cleaning supplies as I am completely addicted to them, but I have narrowed them down!

Nothing says "Clean" like the slight smell of bleach.
This only thing about it is that you have to be extra careful with what you're wearing!

I love my lavendar Pine Sol!
Any kind of Pine Sol just smells like the whole house is spotless!
Mom always saved mopping with regular Pine Sol for last and I always loved walking in from school and smelling it!
Everything just seemed so perfectly in order!
I can smell it now and I always think of Mom cleaning growing up.

 Last, but not least, gotta have my Lysol cleaner!
It smells like lemons and is great at getting messes cleaned up without having to scrub forever!

Last night we tackled the kitchen. I've been meaning to deep clean in there for a while and Ryan helped me with it last night. I don't know what it is, but my heart just overflows with love for that man when he helps me clean! I know it isn't his favorite thing to do so I know he makes an extra effort to make me happy. It's kind of nice spending time together that way because we can cut up and talk about our days. He enjoys organizing, so it's always nice to get his help!

He pulled out the fridge and oven so I could clean behind them and we rearranged some things. I want to repaint my kitchen in the coming months. It's the only room on the main level that has not been painted since we bought the house. The previous owner used flat based paint and it looks terrible! If you try to clean the walls, there's always some kind of mark. Plus, I am not crazy about the color. It's nice and all, but it's just been there for too long.

Tonight we're planning to clean the carpet and get everything freshened up for Tara's bridal shower.
By Friday night, everything should be ready to go.
Ryan is taking me grocery shopping Saturday morning so all of my ingredients will be as fresh as possible.
I'll have all day Saturday to work on the food.
Here are our finished pictures from last night:

All nice, clean, and dust mite free!

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