Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ryan is helping me get everything in order before my surgery tomorrow and Tara's bridal shower next weekend. So far, this is what we have. What do you think?

This is at the top of our stairs when you first walk in towards our living room.
Dad got me a digital picture frame for Christmas one year and I've got that sucker filled!

This holds our DVD collection and keeps things neatly out of the way.

I fell in love with this clock a couple of years ago.
It is located over the doorway going into the kitchen.

This is the hallway going to our rooms.
My grandmother's curio cabnet is located at the end.
I must say this has to be one of my most treasured items in my home.
I can remember visiting my grandmother and she had this displayed in her home near the front door. She had a large collection of bunnies and stored them in there.

While we were decorating tonight, guess what we saw out the window?
You know this is never good when your neighbor looks at to see this:

He set a huge brush pile on fire right next to his truck...

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