Thursday, September 2, 2010

Football Season's Coming!!!!

I just wanted to catch up some of the pictures I have taken over the last couple of days....
Caleb refusing to go to sleep!

Caleb and Zoey are really getting used to playing together now!
He's so cute in his new pajamas!

What a determined little face!

My little princess!

We've had so much going on this week and I'll be so glad when things slow down. Tennessee college football kicks off on Saturday, so we are all looking forward to watching the game, munching on party foods, and cheering the Vols on! I'm not really sure if the team will do well this year since we have another new coach, but I am being optimistic. In previous years, we have heard exciting preseason things from the Volunteers, but things have been eerily quiet this year. I'm praying that it's the quiet before the storm and we come out kicking some major SEC butt, but you never know how this scenario will go.
Ryan and I are looking forward to seeing the "T"!

Go Vols, Baby!!!!

As of now, Bob is home and resting. He does not have a blood clot and otherwise seems to be healthy considering all he has been through...What a relief!

Tomorrow morning is my HIDA scan and I am dreading having to get up so early. I'm the morning person, but Ryan is a whole other story! I'm sure I will have to drag him out of the bed....

I was given the cutest placemats for my table this fall:

I am the worst at decorating the house for certain times of the year.
Since having Caleb, I want to make more of an effort to celebrate parts of the year and make them special.
Ryan and I would like to find a local pumpkin patch and corn maze to visit this year. I think it would make for some awesome family pictures!
I'm so excited that cooler weather is coming!!!

I found a gorgeous dining room table for an excellent price this week at American Freight. I am hoping that my current table sells quickly on Craigslist this week. If it does, I am going right out to buy this one:

I am absolutely in love with it!
I believe our dining/poker/bumper pool table will easily bring enough to cover the cost of this table!
This is what I currently have:

It's really nice, but Ryan and I have yet to use it for anything other than a table to eat on.
I really hope it goes to someone who will use it.
I'm hoping this sells quick!

Next week I have decided to start another project at my house. I am going to slowly begin finishing the dry wall in our soon-to-be-new den. I figure that I can put in thirty minutes to an hour's worth of work in the evenings now that we will be closing at 5 pm next week. Eventually I will get it finished! I'm really looking forward to having more room in our home. I plan to paint the walls a taupe color and possibly decorate with dark browns and oranges.

I'm praying that I can get to feeling better soon so I can actually start to tackle some big projects. I'm so drained from just feeling bad. Maybe things will be back to normal soon!

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