Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Gallbladder is Coming Out!

I went to my physician today and was immediately referred to a surgeon at a local hospital. I was a little surprised that they took me so soon. A normal gallbladder typically functions at 60-90%. Mine is functioning at 19%. No wonder I have felt so rough! My white blood cell count is elevated and the doctors are hoping it's just me fighting a sinus infection right now instead of something more serious. But, they're not really waiting around to find out either!

Ryan took me to the surgeon and my surgery was scheduled for Friday morning. So in about two days, I will finally get some relief! My nausea has gotten much worse in the past twenty-four hours and I've been exhausted from feeling so ill. It'll be nice not to have that feeling anymore!

While Ryan and mom are taking care of me on Friday, my awesome in-laws will be taking great care of Caleb for me. I will have to be pretty careful picking him up for a couple of weeks after my surgery. I have joked about getting him those pet stairs to climb up to get in the recliner with me! Yes, my mom taught him to climb stairs yesterday. There are no limits on that child anymore!

After making dinner tonight, Ryan and I did some cleaning around the house. My OCD has kicked in and I feel a huge need to have everything germ free around me in preparation for my surgery. Plus, I don't want to be sitting at home recovering and worrying about doing something! Maybe I'll feel up to watching movies all day....what a change from being Super Mom!

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