Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girl's Night

Tara and I got a chance to hang out tonight and it was really nice! The babies were glad to be together and we got a chance to do some wedding planning. I'm so happy that I'm getting such a sweet sister! We can talk about anything and don't have to be shy....She shares in one of my favorite hobbies: pouring through cookbooks! I'm so happy that Brian brought Tara into our lives and I wish them all of the happiness in the world!

On a sad note my other "sister", Jessica, lost her father to cancer today. My heart hurts so badly for her right now. She has been the strong one in her family by taking care of her dad's needs and keeping everyone else together. Even though she had some time to prepare, you never can prepare enough when loosing a parent. I thank God I have not had to deal with that so far and I cannot imagine the pain she feels. I pray that I can be of some support and comfort to her while she is going through one of the toughest things in life. If you don't mind, please pray with me tonight and ask God to bring some comfort to her while she goes through the next few days.

Remember how I showed you guys a picture of Bob, my coworker's, hand? Yesterday he started having some issues with his feet. Half way through the day, they had swollen quite a bit. I told him then to call his doctor and being the stubborn one he is, just shrugged me off. I finally convinced him to go home early and put his feet up. Today, they swelled a lot worse. I pestered him about calling the doctor. Did he listen??? Absolutely not....One of our cleaning ladies came in and mentioned that it sounds like he has a blood clot. Then he decided to listen. He called his doctor and was told to go straight to the Emergency Room. I am still waiting to hear an update for him. I pray that it's not as serious as we suspect.

As I type all of this, I realize how exhausting today has been. I'll be so thankful for Friday to get here. At least I will be one step closer to figuring out if I have a gallbladder problem. I have sharp shooting pains under my ribcage and it feels like it goes straight through to my back. It doesn't happen all of the time, but I find that it does happen more often in the evening after dinner. It is extremely uncomfortable, but there's nothing I can really do but wait. Ryan has been super loving towards me since I feel so crummy. I have luckily had several foot rubs and back rubs this week and they feel Heavenly! Tomorrow night he is going to help me get the house vacuumed so that everything is done before I get my HIDA scan on Friday.

I am so thankful for such a thoughtful husband. All of my life, I've always relied on my mom when I feel bad. She had the tendency to spoil us when we felt bad, so naturally we associate Mom with comfort when we feel terrible. Until Ryan I had always wanted my mom when I felt bad! I know it sounds funny, but she always knew just how to make things better. In my first marriage, I remember having a severe ear infection and I had my mom come over at 3 am! I admit that since I have been with Ryan I have not done that once! He's really good at making me feel comfortable when I'm hurt or sick. I really appreciate all of the effort he makes and all that he does for me. I know that there are tons of husbands out there that never master this skill and I am so lucky to have my Prince Charming!

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