Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hubby's Toys

When Ryan and I were engaged, I bought him a GMC Yukon as a sort of wedding present. A year ago, the truck's transmission gave out and it sat for a while. Luckily, our awesome family gave money to replace the transmission! We were so very grateful, but when Ryan went to take it through our county's emissions testing, it failed. Upon checking it out, we discovered we just weren't going to invest any more money in the truck. While Ryan and I just loved it, we were kinda glad to see it go....

We took the money and Ryan found this:

Our new project car!
A Jeep YJ is the perfect car for us to play around with.
Not only can we go trail riding, but we can have a hobby together!
Ryan and I have always wanted some type of car to fix up together after Caleb goes to bed.
This will be perfect!
It's actually in great shape as it is (which is really rare)!
All of the gauges work, the seats are aftermarket, and the body is in great condition!
I'm not sure the baby blue sits well with us, but it will definitely work for now!

We turned Caleb loose and he just loves it!

Two excited guys ready to work on the project car!

Not only will it be cool in Tellico, this Jeep will definitely save us some gas money too!

Things we've already done:
Rewired the stereo so it's hidden and in a water tight area
Removed the grill gaurds (not really the "look" we're going for)
Removed the flooring (we want to Rhino line everything inside)
Removed the CB radio and antenna (most DEFINITELY not our "thing")

As the project progresses, I'll post pictures!
We're so excited about the newest "addition" to our family!

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