Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Isn't She Lovely....."

Stevie Wonder's song keeps running through my head as the definite blog title today! Yesterday we went to see Tara try on wedding dresses and we found one! Okay, I admit that I got all teary eyed at the first dress she tried on. I just couldn't help it! As I saw her standing in a gorgeous wedding dress, all I could think of was how my brother would feel when he saw her on their wedding day. As I sit here typing, I want to start crying because my baby brother is getting married and I am so happy for him!!!

Here's our stunning bride-to-be trying on dresses:

We all fell in love with the first dress Tara tried on!

Then she waltzed out looking like a Barbie doll!

We almost all fell in love with this dress!

Tara looked so pretty in each dress she put on, but we all had jaws dropping to the floor when she walked out in this:

The look on her face when she saw herself was amazing!
At that point we all knew that she has found "the one"!

The babies were absolutely perfect while we all admired Tara's dress!

"We're being good, I promise!!!"

"I'm gonna be a princess one day when I get married!"
(I keep thinking she's not allowed to date until she's 49!)

"Aunt Tara, you were so pretty!!!"

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