Monday, September 13, 2010

Post Op

You would think a tiny incision in your belly button wouldn't hurt so much, but I was wrong! The whole area is sore! I'm so lucky they only had to do one incision and after it heals, no one will ever tell the difference!

Ryan has been so great at taking care of me. Caleb doesn't like it one hundred percent, but he's handling it. Last night was the first night since the surgery that we had Caleb with us. He did great when Daddy made dinner and ate really well. Caleb loved splashing around in the tub while Daddy gave him a bath. It was really cute to see them playing around! When it was bedtime, Caleb was pretty tired. He didn't nap very much at his Nana and Pappy's so he was ready to snuggle. I was thankful he didn't try to wiggle around too much last night. It felt wonderful to have him fall asleep in my arms last night. It seemed like it had been forever!

I've had a chance to watch plenty of TV and I'm pretty much bored with it now. I plan on trying to work a little this afternoon or tomorrow. I don't like sitting at home while Ryan's working!

I've been planning Tara's shower bit by bit and am really getting excited about it coming up this weekend! The menu is really coming together and I cannot wait to tackle making her cake! Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

The weather has started to change around Chattanooga. The wind has been blowing and the temperatures have cooled off. I can feel Fall in the air and I am really looking forward to it. I hope we can find the time to take Caleb to a big zoo in the coming weeks. I think he would just love it!

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  1. Feel better! I love the family picture with the matching jersies!

    I just found your blog through the Making Friends Monday blog hop. Have a great day!



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