Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rocky Top is His Lullaby

Tellico was great this weekend! As I mentioned in my last post, Mom and Debbie went shopping for Caleb and Zoey for two whole days. The result was just pure insanity! Tara and I have the best dressed babies in Chattanooga! Mom and Debbie were so excited to show us all of the clothes. They had to take turns picking out of each pile!

"Mom, look at all of the stuff!!!!"
You can tell Zoey is going to be such a diva when it comes to clothes!

Despite my brother's efforts, I believe Zoey loves the Vols!
She went right after Caleb's football!

Caleb in his new riding jacket!
It has motorcycle patches on it and is just too cute!
He loved it!

Dad joked that the outlet stores in Pigeon Forge would be closed this weekend due to Mom and Debbie's shopping trip!

Debbie found Caleb the cutest Mickey Mouse sunglasses!
He didn't keep them on for very long, but he was so adorable!

Go Vols, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our first time in our jerseys together!

Caleb's Aunt Moonie made it to Tellico!
He hasn't seen her in months because she has had some very serious complications from back surgery.
She couldn't believe how big her "wabbit" was getting!

Daddy showing off UT's future quarterback!

Mommy and Caleb in the Vol-Mobile!

While we waited for the game to come on, we had an awesome popcorn party!
We had plain, Parmesan, and black pepper popcorn to choose from....

We got all decked out in our Orange and White!
Get your game faces on people!
Even Caleb had to have a "T" on his cheek!
Moondoggy and Ben!
So glad to be "home"!
This is directly after Tennessee scored their first touchdown. He slept right through it and even through the blasting of "Rocky Top". His favorite song was played during his dreams of becoming a football player for the Vols!
Boogie in his new pajamas!
Murphy was allowed to sit with us through the game even though his didn't sport the Orange and White....
No game would be complete without Mom trying to get Ryan to sit still and shut up.
Uncle David was focused on the game!
Ryan thought he would be funny and put on "T" on his forehead.
Our touchdown ritual!


  1. Great Post!!!!!!! Love the pics! Go Vols! Thank your for your kinds words! I'm truly humbled! Looks like you have a wonderful family! God is good!

  2. You always take such great photos!!

    Baby shopping can be pure insanity, but isn't it thee best!?!

    I love the pics of the 3 of you, so precious!



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