Sunday, September 19, 2010

Showered with Lingerie!

My future sister-in-law's lingerie shower was this weekend and it was a great time to get the family together before the wedding! This is the first bridal shower I have ever thrown for anyone and I think it went off pretty well. Mom showed up and helped me save my poor cake, but more about that in a minute.....

I just wanted to first say how grateful I am for Ryan this weekend! He was able to partially keep Caleb entertained while I got things ready! Caleb figured out that I can pick him up again so he stayed under my feet the whole time!

I thought this was so sweet!

Here's my table of goodies:
Veggie tray; cheese tray; chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels; stuffed celery (thanks to Mom); crackers; mints; cake and punch!

Okay, now let me tell you about the cake fiasco....

I made two layers and let them cool. I gave them plenty of time to cool off and was ready to transfer them to my cake plate. First layer was just fine. Everything was nice and smooth....done this a bunch of times. Second layer went on a little shaky, but overall went okay. And then it cracked right down the center. I cried and Ryan laughed. I guess he didn't see the tragedy in the situation. I thought, "Okay, I can fix this with a little more icing. No biggie." So I covered it up and all seemed to be okay. Until the dark glossy ganache icing poured over it. Yep, melted my repair and there was this huge glossy crack right down my top layer. By this time I just sat down in a chair and Caleb came over to give me a pep talk. There was a lot of babbling and then my mom walked in! I had made white chocolate butterflies to dress the cake. We tried to salvage my mess and some of the butterflies broke. They were pretty delicate. Mom ended up arranging them in a pretty pattern and overall it didn't turn out too awful bad!
Even though it wasn't anything to get excited about, it tasted wonderful!
I think there were about four different kinds of chocolate in that cake!

At least you can't tell where the crack is in the picture!

Tara got some really nice gifts and was so excited about her upcoming honeymoon!
I think every young bride needs something frilly to wear!

I think she's all set now!!!

And if you thought I would make it all the way through one family event without those beautiful angels making an appearance, you were soooo wrong....

There were so perfect yesterday while all of the ladies had fun!
I think we have some very well behaved party goers!
Throw out some toys and milk and everything's good!

Last, but not least, I have to show you Caleb's poor little face....
My daredevil has been really busy getting all over the place.
On Friday, he took a pretty bad spill in the Pack N Play at daycare.
Mrs. Jenny warned me before I picked him up that he was getting wild, fell, and kinda got fabric burn from the side of the Pack N Play's mesh. This looks a lot better since Friday. We went over to my parents house when we picked him up Friday and Granny was convinced he was being abused! By the time the evening was over, I'm sure she knew otherwise. Not only is Caleb climbing everything, he's getting brave by doing it quickly. Poor baby has bruises everywhere!
I can only imagine what's about to happen when he starts walking.
This isn't good on his mommy....

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