Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Looks like there will be surgery in my near future. My doctor called to inform me of my test results from my HIDA scan. My gallbladder just isn't functioning. Sadly, I have been having gallbladder attacks off and on for a couple of weeks now. Yes, I traveled twenty-one hours this past weekend during an attack. If that's not dedication to your family, I don't know what is! Ha!

Ryan and I arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am and didn't have to wait very long for them to take us back to the procedure area. First I was injected with a small amount of radiation to highlight my gallbladder, liver, and opening to my intestines. While I laid on a table, pictures were taken about every five minutes to show the radiation progressing through my system. I was then given an injection to make my gallbladder contract. This is actually done to simulate gallbladder contracts that someone would have after eating a meal. I felt waves of nausea wash over me for about five minutes and then it eased up. I had to lie still for thirty-five minutes while the scan took continuous pictures. I did notice some pains under my ribcage that were just like some of the ones I have been having in the evenings. The technician who performed the scan was really nice and has to be one of the nicest health care people I have ever met. He was cheerful even at 6:30 in the morning! After the car ride home, I became really dizzy. I think it must have been side effects from the injection and it has finally eased up throughout the day. I believe my gallbladder problems began during my pregnancy. I think a combination of all of the heartburn and dizziness I had then just led to this problem. Caleb was worth every second of any pain I have been through with all of this. I don't mind giving up my gallbladder when I get to see his smiling face every day....

I have an appointment with my physician on Tuesday morning. I assume I will be referred to a surgeon and things will proceed from there. I'm just so thankful this can be dealt with rather easily and an end is in sight!

I plan on taking it really easy this weekend and hopefully getting some rest. Our first week at the new daycare has been great on Caleb this week. He really seems to like playing with all of the other babies! I'm so grateful to have found someone who can work with our schedules and seems to really enjoy being around children. I think it takes someone special to work with a bunch of little ones all day! Caleb wears me out and it's only him!

On a really sad note, Jessica went to say goodbye to her father yesterday before he was cremated. Her family showed up to pay their final respects as well. Turns out the place went ahead and cremated him the night before, without her consent, and now she will never get the opportunity to have the closure she was seeking. Instead of a sincere apology, she was given nonchalance and a check for the cremation expenses. Oh yes, that just makes everything all better....At this point she does not have much certainty that it is in fact her father's remains. She has to just go on the word of people who showed no emotion towards her situation. As if her poor family had not been through enough these past few months, a little more was dumped into their laps. Despite all of these setbacks, Jessica has found comfort in the Lord and continues to heal more each day. I'm so proud of her for dealing with this tragedy so well and leaning on God. I truly believe He never puts more on someone than they can handle. I pray she gets a break from all of the stress in her life.

My mom and Debbie have been in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for two days and have shopped like crazy for Caleb and Zoey. I can't wait to see what they found!


  1. Hi Wendy, I hope everything goes well after your gallbladder surgery. There are certain things that you can eat for your diet after gallbladder surgery. Hope this helps!

  2. So sorry you've had such a hard time! Hope all goes well! I believe God won't give us more than He can handle for us!

  3. Hi Wendy, I hope everything goes well after your gallbladder surgery. There are certain things that you can eat for your diet after gallbladder surgery. Hope this helps!



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