Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Pumpkin Patch Kid

Ryan and I took Caleb to his very first pumpkin patch yesterday in Stevenson, Alabama. It's a little over an hour away from Chattanooga and it was absolutely beautiful yesterday! I completely apologizein advance for the twenty something photos you're about to view. My only excuse is that he was just too precious not to take a ton of pictures!

Mommy and Caleb about to go for his first hayride!

Happy Fall!

"Um...I don't know about this...."

Caleb was a little fussy because he was sleepy....

He is just fascinated with pumpkin stems....

Out in the pumpkin patch

Daddy and Caleb searched for the perfect pumpkins.
There was a huge cotton field right behind us. 

Of course Daddy went in search for the biggest pumpkin he could find....
Did I mention it was all the way at the bottom of a hill???

I want this one!

Our three pumpkins

Mommy and Caleb found a little one....

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch!

We really had a nice time and the weather cooperated the whole time. Ryan and I decided before Caleb arrived that we wanted him to be exposed to a lot of different experiences as a child. We both believe you can learn a lot by doing and this was just one of those times. A lot of people have asked if we don't get just absolutely worn out doing things since he's so young, but I think we have a pretty good system. Sure, it was tiring walked back up a hill in the middle of all the pumpkins with a kid on one hip and a pumpkin on the other. But, it was so worth it! I've found that a lot of parents don't get out much with their babies, but we're not that type! The more we do it, the easier it gets! I think Ryan and I would go nuts if we spent the majority of our time as a family cooped up in the house!

On an even more awesome note: as Caleb is getting more active, I'm loosing weight! As of yesterday, I am four pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. This is also the least I've weighed since having Caleb. Needless to say, I'm super excited! Since having Caleb, I have now lost twenty-eight pounds! It's been a slow process, but I'm getting there!

Yesterday before going to bed, Caleb decided we were going to play in his room. I brought the big dog out of the corner and he crawled all over it! Too cute!!!

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