Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tellico in the Fall

Tellico was absolutely gorgeous this weekend! Ryan and I mentioned what we were doing this time last year....

This time last year, I was about to pop I was so pregnant. By this time I was just praying Caleb would hurry up and get here. All of my family was just praying that I would hold out until after our Tellico Halloween party. When we would go to Tellico those last few weekends, I would sit and think about all of the wonderful things we could do once he was here. I'm one of those ladies who hated being pregnant in the third trimester. I was sick on sleeping on my side, I was tired of having swollen feet, and Caleb was just plain heavy! I should also mention how impatient I can be. I literally had the worst time waiting for him to get here! He was totally worth the wait, but I am so blessed that he is here!

I love Fall in Tellico. This is one season I just couldn't wait to share with Caleb. This weekend we enjoyed taking walks and looking at all of the pretty trees.
Ready to go walking....

I just love him to pieces!

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