Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I took Caleb to the doctor this morning because he's had a small rash on one side of his face for a few days. Luckily it seems like he may just be allergic to a type of laundry detergent. I wash all of his stuff in Dreft, but he could be snuggling up to someone or something that hasn't been. We're going to watch and try to figure it out. In the meantime, the doctor suggested I rub some hydrocortizone cream on it so it can clear up. Poor Caleb also had to get his first flu shot this morning. He didn't care for that at all....then again, neither did his mother.

It's so hard to believe this month is almost over. The time has just flown by me. Halloween in only in a few days, my uncle is have surgery on both knees on Monday, and Caleb's birthday is right around the corner. I know parents say all of the time that time passes so quickly and kids are grown before you know it, but I didn't think it could really seem this fast. This time last year, I was impatiently waiting to have Caleb. I can still remember his tiny kicks jabbing my stomach. How could he be a year old? It's just insane....

We had some terrible weather last night. Dangerous storms moved through two nights in a row. That kind of weather is so unusual for our area. The first night, a tornado touched down about a half mile from my brother's house. It destroyed the roof of a church and left lots of debris. Last night was even more scary. About 6:45 the sky turned dark and the weather channel was telling those in our area to take cover. Tornados were spotted at our marina, at the local state park, and going across the dam. Thankfully, there were no fatalities around us. The worst is storm damage and car wrecks. We never saw any wild winds at our house, but one tornado was less than a mile away from us. Caleb slept through every single bit of the bad weather!

This is all sort of random, but there's been a lot going on around here! I can only pray next week will be a little calmer!

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  1. Hope little Caleb is feeling better!

    Tornadoes are THEE.WORST. So scary! And, they bring so much destruction; glad you guys are OK! People don't get the fear factor that comes with a tornado unless they've been through one.

    Stay safe!



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